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  • Sheena D. Fellers "Happy Customer" - Great! Rechargable batteries advisedI recently purchased this for my daughter on her 4th birthday....she loves it. I messed around with it and thought it was pretty cool too, wish I had toys like that when I was younger. Its a step down from an Ipad, but I don't think a 4 year old needs one of those anyways...this is a fun & educational system...totally worth the money. I purchased rechargable batteries along with it, thankfully, because you will go through batteries quickly.
  • Corey Noggle "wickedsinsation" - Best on the marketThis product is the best fiber supplement on the market. It's easy on the stomach and performs as consistent as Old Faithful. All other brands I've tried give me terrible abdominal cramps and produce inconsistent results. You can also find this product at a greater discount in straight powder form, but it is not very soluble and tastes atrocious. I would recommend starting with much lower doses than the manufacturer suggests (such as 2 caplets, twice daily) and then working your way up to the desired results. Super Colon Cleanse, in conjunction with acidophilus supplements, have turned my acid reflux and various digestive issues around.
  • Judy in Pacific NW - Quickbooks Pro 2011I just upgraded from QB 2008 to QB2011. I don't see any new features or any fun bells and whistles. If that's the reason you want to upgrade, don't bother. But I'm a professional bookkeeper and I like to keep my software reasonably up to date every 2 or 3 years. I was leery because of the negative reviews so it was with a shaking hand that I installed 2011 on my computer.
    No problem at all. I converted all of my client files to 2011 with ease. I tested payroll, printed reports, exported to Excel, emailed reports as a PDF file. All were easy and went through without a hitch.
    I have Windows 7 64 bit.
    Oh, before I forget. Before upgrading I had that annoying problem with the pop up message when I shut down Quickbooks that told me Quickbooks had a problem and then I had to click the button to shut it down.
    After installing 2011, that little glitch no longer exists. Yay!!!
  • P. Bergin - My daughter loves it!My 10 year old daughter got interested in cake decorating. I got her this book along with a beginner set of decorating tips. She has graduated from this book, but not before making everything in it 2 or 3 times. This is a great book for beginner/not sure if this is what I want to do. Would definitely recommend it for a beginner.