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  • Tiffany Jill - The new way I'll be starting my day.So, with a book of this nature it's hard to write a review right after purchasing simply because it's meant to be a journey you take over the course of a full year. However, I wanted to put something up as a guide for others thinking of buying. First, off I purchased this on my Kindle, and I tried to preview it... note to whoever handles that aspect of things, the chapter lists is so long that there's no real preview. I bought it anyway because I've always loved hearing Demi speak; she's eloquent and intelligent and has a genuine passion for wanting to help others by sharing her own hardships. I love that honesty. Also, as someone that is sort of a natural pessimist, dealing with some debilitating medical issues, I need daily reminders to focus on the positive. From reading the introduction and today's inspiration I can say I'm glad I bought it and I believe it will help me greatly in the coming year.
  • E. Danilenko - Very nice tabletI've owned the TF201 for over a month now, and although I had to return my first one for hardware issues, I still think this is the best Android tablet available today. It is thin, light, and fast with a great screen. The sound from the speaker is surprising good. Even after the replacement, the wi-fi receptivity is still a little weak, but I'm not having the same problems with the wi-fi radio needing to be switched off and on to regain the signal. The other hardware issue I had was the keyboard dock not working properly even after firmware upgrades. Because I had to wait over a month for a dock, it took me some time to discover this problem. Amazon's return process was seamless. With the dock, this tablet makes a very nice travel laptop replacement with amazing battery life. Asus tech support is terrible. It took almost 2 weeks to receive a response to my support e-mail about the keyboard dock issue.
  • pcoisma - Keep It Simple Stupid (Kiss) explains this book.I only had a month to prepare for the GMAT, so time and shortcuts were of essence. I can not learn a foreign language (GMAT you'll see) or to re-learn math it that amount of time. This gave me the best chance by eliminating answers. Worst case scenario in Data Sufficiency you have a 1-3 chance if guessing. If doing a fast GMAT you NEED this book!
  • Ruth Levy - Came back to NortonI had Norton for years, but it slowed everything. After using some different software the last few years, I read a highly positive review on a couple of publication websites and with the price so reasonable for 3 computers, I decided to try it again. It's been terrific. It pretty much does everything that I need.