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  • Elizabeth - So Much FunThis is our first Lego Advent Calendar and we are quite happy with it. I ordered back in the beginning of November and the anticipation of being able to open it was almost too much for my daughter. It arrived a little crunched on the corner, but I think that was during shipping, so we had to cut the play mat/flap off so it will lay flat. My daughter runs downstairs first thing to open the new day then runs back to show me what she made. Each day she changes the scene with each new item. I hope she still loves Legos next year so I can buy another one. This has been an excellent purchase, I was a little concerned about it being so costly, but to see how happy my daughter is makes it worth it. We are only a few days into December but I love watchinig her scene develop each day.
  • C. Brown "Lovely Ms. Brown" - OMG made me feel so much betterI've been having BV constantly, idk why....I am tired of having to go to the doctor all the time so I searched for something that would get rid of the fishy odor and this worked so well. I dont smell anything at all anymore and I am able to walk past someone or sit next to someone without thinking they can smell it. I pride myself on personal hygiene and with BV no matter how much you wash you cant get rid of the smell, but with this product NO SMELL:)