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  • Barbara Moss - Leaning by myselfA single professional woman is in a similar, though often smaller, kayak. I appreciate what Sheryl related. I would love to have the opportunity to consult with a man in my own house. However, I do not have that opportunity. I do not have children, a husband or a very lucrative job. One of my women employees was absolutely shocked by my not immediately sending her home on the one evening that year when she was scheduled to assist at an annual meeting. She assumed she could not leave a slightly feverish child alone with her husband, the child's father. She thought I was utterly heartless--even "unnatural" since I don't have children. I couldn't POSSIBLY understand the emotions attendant on being a parent and how much more important a 99 degree fever was in her universe than a very important meeting for which she was a key player. But, I think I gave her perfectly competent, available husband, the child's father, more credit than she did in the situation. The child was feeling better even before she arrived home a couple hours later after the annual meeting. She probably wouldn't have questioned a male supervisor about staying if HE had ascertained that the husband was available to watch the child for a little while. I think some advantage is taken of single women supervisors by any parent she supervises--and sometimes that is okay, but not that time.
  • Cynthia Ramer "Hyacynth" - Reading with Kindle made easyI fell at work and broke both wrists,and have a torn rotator cuff. With nothing to do but read or watch TV during the long recovery period, I found holding books almost impossible because of the pain in my hands and wrists. My ortho doctor introduced me to his Kindle, and I immediately purchased mine. I am able to read books now, and even have my scriptures, Church hymns, and Sunday School lesson manual downloaded. Kindle goes everywhere with me, except the tub! Folks stop me all the time to ask me what I am looking at and I bet I could have personally sold a dozen or so since May 2008.