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  • Amy Y. "Tell me, what is it you plan to do wi... - Pretty cover that is functional, as well!I am ordering a new one! I recently dropped my macbook pro on its edge on the concrete from about waist high. I had the purple version of this keyboard cover/snap-on case. Luckily, the case broke which saved my macbook from taking the brunt of the impact. Now, I am ordering a new one in light blue. Multiple members of my family have similar versions of the macbook and these covers let us distinguish them easily.

    When the case comes, they look cheap, flimsy and plastic-y but once on, all the pretty colors are pretty! And it is functional- my keyboard has been saved from a few spills by the keyboard cover. I wouldn't be without one. Yes, I am a klutz so I do need this. For me, the purchase has been a good value.
  • Barkis - Quick, easy, and (once you customize it) familiar.My Windows 8 installation was on an older Dell desktop machine and went very smoothly. My experience with Windows 8 on this machine and on a new Toshiba laptop has been good: the OS is solid, fast, and at least as good as Windows 7, my all-time favorite Windows release to date. I won't bemoan the Metro interface (or whatever Microsoft calls it this week) -- if it was on a tablet it might be just fine. However you like it, one good option is to consider installation of ClassicShell. This open source project brings back the familiar 'Start' button and lets you customize the UI in other ways. For example, you can disable the hot corners that bring up the Metro tiles, boot right to the desktop instead of the Metro screen, and 'tweak' things to look more like Windows 7 (or earlier).

    Windows 8 was a good purchase and I am very pleased with the result on my upgraded desktop machine!
  • Mark Twing "Mark" - Best Tablet EVER!!!The most amazing fastest tablet ever!!! I get better wifi reception with the tf201 than with my nexus s. GPS is slow but who cares, I mean are you really planning on strapping this on your dashboard for navigation? I doubt it. Don't listen to all the haters, they are probaly apple loving DB's anyway. Don't overpay the DB's who bought this up only to resell it. $499 - 32 GB and $599 - 64 GB.
  • T. Jolly "Loves2Read" - The BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFELike everyone else here, I saw THE goddess, Sade. I saw her opening night of her North American tour in Baltimore and saw her again in Norfolk. I wish she was here again and I'd go see her tonight. This is by far one of my top concerts of all time...right up there with Michael Jackson and the genius himself, Stevie Wonder. The visual effects, Sade's voice, the oh so tight band made this one night I will never forget. It was only heightened by the fact that I got to see the concert with one of my best friends, my brother. No offense to anyone who has or will post here, but he has got to be the top Sade fan of all time. I never knew he bought her CDs and would drive from D.C. to Alabama to college and play the same Sade CD over and over again. The night of the concert, he stared at the stage and couldn't move. He was finally seeing her live. Thank you Sade and band for one of the best nights of my life. I cannot WAIT for this CD to come out!
  • blkjack.01 - Great game!If you're a fan of Formula 1 racing, or are interested in learning more about the sport, I think buying this game is a must. This game's great graphics, physics engine, selection of cars, career mode, proving grounds and other modes make this game a great buy! I can't wait to see what changes are in store for the subsequent games.