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  • Glenn Miller - Brilliant reportingLike Katrina, Eggers is, in his own way, a force of nature. Certainly one of America's best writers, memoirists, journalists, he has, in Zeitoun, illuminated a horrible chapter in America's history. How Zeitoun, a property owner and contractor, who was simply trying to protect his belongings as well as help his neighbors, could be forced to experience the pain and suffering he did is somewhat incomprehensible. But Eggers, in a straightforward, non-judgmental manner, gives the minute-by-minute account of what Zeitoun and his family experienced An absolute page-turner, one in which the reader can barely believe that this is happening in America. But in our post-9/11 world, everyone is guilty of something.
    The greatest irony in the book -- one of many -- is that Zeitoun was arrested for suspected looting in one of his own properties while trying to protect it from looters. Upon returning to his property after weeks of incarceration, the valuables were gone. The house had been looted.
  • Surge "eager college student" - Glad most of the 2012 errors are fixedMain reason I purchased this is because of the many errors in the 2012 version. Glad most of them are fixed for this version. The paper and print quality is better than 2012. And I have noticed subtle changes that have been made, probably improvements based on feedback on the previous exam. I would recommend people to buy the latest version and not save just a little by purchasing an older version. However, if you are a first year medical student, buy an old one and in January when the new one comes out buy that.