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  • "cdolese" - Every Floyd Album Is Different to me....this is my favThe Pink Floyd Albums I listen to the most are Animals, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, Dark Side Of The Moon, and Momentary Lapse of Reason is good but to me may as well go under a different band name.There is not a song on The Wall I dont like, matter of fact, some of them feel like a part of me, and I dont get that as much from the other albums. I fond that for me there are some albums that I like right off, and there are some that take time to sink in before I really start to like them. This was one that took a little time to sink in. But as with most albums that reach me that way, once it sunk in, i was in love. ...thats how music hits you sometimes.The story is pretty cool, what makes this album great to me, is that the frustration and emotions of the main character that comes through Roger Waters' voice comes through with such with such beleivable emotion. I mean really the words could just as well be anything because the melodies are good enough to carry the songs on their own. However, the story is good, is believable, and anyone can identify with.

    There are Great guitar solos around every turn, nice musical pasages everywhere. Beautiful piano as well. The special effects are not overdone and seem appropriate and on time. I also really like the fact that this was a two record set its helps with the drama of the unfolding story. In side one we see the mounting tension, confusion, agitation, and sliding of sanity of the main character. Side One ends with the beautiful "Goodbye Cruel World""Goodbye, cruel world,
    I'm leaving you today.
    Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.Goodbye all you people,
    There's nothing you can say,
    To make me change my mind.
    Goodbye. "Side Two begins and our main character has slipped to the other side of sanity.....with open arms......?!?!?!?!? then we have comfortably numb.....well ....its just a great favorite floyd album, and one of my favorite all time albums....i try to listen to it at least once every couple of months.....back in high school its was at least once a week
  • beckytrn - Nice little bookI use this all the time in my work. I am a nurse and needed a small easy to carry drug guide. Easy to read and understand.
  • TN-MAILMAN - This was almost like being there. Thank God she is free now. Justice was served.When ever a book is read by the Author, I appreciate it more. There is more meaning behind the voice. There is more emotions put into certain subjects. A lot more emphasis goes into the relaying of events. So in something so horrific as a 14 year old being taken from her family at knife point, there is a lot of emotions.

    I recall seeing this on the news so to hear the victim relay the events sure answered a lot of questions. Also this book demonstrated how certain people (like her abductor) are so selfish.

    The best news is she was able to be set free and returned to her family. The second best news is she was able to tell about it and tries to help others who may still be victims.

    It is very comforting too know that the abductor is off the street and can no longer harm children.

    The book was fascinating. From the news coverage I knew this story would have a happy ending.
  • Hans Ludwig Kanitz - The Wild Life by John Lewis StempelWhat a story! Beautifully written and thought provoking. The experiences described stand out clear and true even including the author's own family. I own one of the first hard covers (now also availabel in paperback)and gave it a favorite place on my bookshelf. Highly recommended reading for any nature loving reader.