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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Teresa - A Ring to Bind Them All!After reading the excellent reviews here, I felt compelled to get my own Avery Durable View Binders! My thoughts were, if these could hold women, why not also fill them with men? Knowing as many men as I do, I rather thought I'd need a lot of binders, and bought 20. To my dismay, all 276 men I wanted bound took up no more than a third of the first binder. Of course this is not Avery's fault. It's a great company, I've used their clean edge business card stock on numerous occasions to introduce myself to the very men I bound! No, it is no doubt due to the content itself! In the end, each man took up only a quarter of a page and could be snapped into place with one ring! Not only that, they wouldn't stay properly bound, and the binder soon became messy and disorganized. When I objected to the constant chaos, the smell of beer and dirty socks, the man they had nominated as their president told me it was my job to clean up the binder not theirs! In the end they would not even let me open the binder, telling me it was now their man cave and women were not allowed! By then I didn't really care much any more, so I drove the binder out to the landfill and dumped it. Unfortunately, the Avery Durable View Binder was SO durable, that Marcia Prickit, our local homeless lady (one of that 47% you hear so much about), apparently found it and took it back with her to her living space under the bridge. I have not heard how those men are faring, but the sheriff did mention, that last time he removed Marcia to the women's homeless shelter in town, she guarded it jealously from the other residents, keeping it under all her sweaters. When he asked if they were okay in there, she told him that at first they complained a lot and made so much noise trying to get out, that sheh had to stretch each one to fit all three rings. She keeps the binder spotless and tidy, and regularly reviews each man's features. This morning I took the other 19 binders to the shelter thinking that putting men in binders might be a great activity for the homeless. Now I feel as though in some small way I have contributed to the happiness of someone less fortunate than me - for a very reasonable price!
  • MR Dad - Forget the rest, go with the bestLike the rest of you, I was a doubter after reading some of these reviews. But when it came time for me to connect my DENON RECEIVER to my DENON CD PLAYER, I knew that I would only be satisfied with the best connection possible.

    I'm writing this review from the hospital, so forgive me if I go off on a tangent. The pain medications make me a little woozy.

    The packaging for the product was phenomenal. I posted an "unveiling" video on Youtube. You can watch that videio if you want more info about the packaging. Search for "Cable" on Youtube.

    After my dog dide, I was really sad. I posted a video about his life on youtube too. Search for "My Dog Died."

    The DENON CABLE was surpisingly short. I had expected a bit more length. I guess I should have read the description. However, at only $169/inch it's cheaper than a good quality mail-order bride and will probably cause you much less heartache. (Katarina, please come back to me if you read this.)

    I debated calling a stereo technician to install the cable, but it was late on a Friday and I didn't want to wait, so I decided to do it myself. That ended up being a bad idea, but I'll get back to that later.

    Installation was surpisingly complicated. The back of the DENON RECEIVER had about six million connections and it looked like some type of octopus made out of wires back there. It reminded me of that movie with that octupus thing with legs made out of wires...

    THE MATRIX!!!!!!!! OMG I FINALLY REMEMBERED. That kept me awake all last night (that, and the pain, I suppose). Remember those octopus looking things with legs that look like wires from the Matrix??? Put a bunch of those in a line, shrink them down about 100x, lay them on their sides, and that's what the DENON RECEIVER looks like from the back. For those of you who have never seen the back of your receiver, go back there right now and look and tell me if that's not exactly what it looks like.

    Katarina loved Keanu.

    She loved my dog too.

    I can't continue this.

    Buy this cable, but don't try to connect it yourself or you may end up in the hospital like me.

    Thank you for your time.
  • Michael Kline - THREE Thumbs up... But a few catchesBeautiful mastery of the english language, chock-ful ofinterpersonal communications techniques and spicy paragraphs in theright places. I lack an extra thumb to give it three thumbs up. The methods I learned are certainly worthwile and easy to digest. Bite sized. The only problem with the material is that I see it as relying on endless mind games. Not good for people like me who get lazy. To supplement this book, I'd recommend two outstanding works that can give you extremely long term results: Ph.D of Persuasion and Magic of Rapport. These three books can make anyone unstoppable. "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You" teaches how to get you that magnetic first impression. The other two books teaches you how to keep that first impression forever. Great combos, don't you think? END
  • Jamie Bright "Geek, nerd, dork ... I'm all th... - Great book, shame about the ending.Forgetting the fact the author was from Missouri, the locale was incorrect according to my mother in law, who also read this book.
    I didn't pick up on that, as I do not know Missouri, so I just sat back and enjoyed the plot.

    I digress.
    Gone Girl started off amazingly - the story played out with many twists and turns.

    The story took you on a roller-coaster of emotion, and I felt myself switching between who I had sympathy for - the husband, or the "gone" wife.

    I'm not one to reveal anything in my reviews, but I could imagine this book as a movie.

    The ending of the novel very much disappointed me though. One of the characters just accepted their fate, when me, the reader, expected more.
    Whether this was intentional to set up for a following novel, I don't know - but it left that feeling of being ripped off.
  • Christine "Follower of Jesus Christ" - Absolutely love this product!I get many compliments on how nice my skin is when I wear this mineral powder. I have no hesitation telling my friends what I use. This has great coverage and is easy to layer in splotchy areas without appearing caked on. I initially purchased this at Sephora in the Mall as a beginner package complete with blush, mineral veil (for reflective property...a little goes a long way), bronzer and brushes. They let me trade out the enclosed blush for one that was a truer color. What was nice about making my first purchase at Sephora is that you can try on the product to get the color exact, plus you get the brushes, which are of great quality, plus there is an instructional video that helps to initiate you into using mineral makeup if you've never used it before.

    To save time and money, I purchased these refills online, a substantial savings from what I would get them for individually in the store. And since I knew what color worked with my skin I could safely re-order.

    Tip: apply using a circular motion with a kabuki brush. A little goes a long way, so be sure to tap the brush before applying and the product will last longer (you'll still get good coverage and it won't look caked on). Apply directly to blemished areas using a smaller brush to get concentrated coverage where you need extra concealer. I use it on my eyelids and under my eyes to do away with under eye redness and dark circles - it works wonders!