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  • Bhavin Degadwala - bought it for my parents...I bought the internet security for my parents. They are in India and they had some problems with virus. their computer was slow so i bought the new laptop and i wanted it to be secure and I knew that i can trust norton for that. Also it has three installation allowed so I also put it in my lapty. its working nice and my parents are happy that now with a single click they can be sue that there is no virus in their laptop...

    happy with the product...
  • ~ - ugh great! <3Ugh, OMG it goes without saying... what Lesbian Romance doesn't Radclyffe write well!?!
    (But maybe I am biased, I am in the medical field so here stories suck me right in!) (FYI every bit of medical jargon in her books is accurate.)
    Anyway, I Loved THIS one! And I loved how characters were revisited later, it added to the readers commitment to what they were going through.
  • Kelly Fanning "Mrs. F" - Favorite baby product!I have tried all kinds of "helpful" baby products with 3 kids... but this one is by far my favorite! This goes everywhere with us! I hate having to use the restaurant high chairs because they are always disgusting and sticky, and they stick out in the way of waitresses and passers by. This can be attached to the end of the table, or even over the booth, it really is genius! Every time we break it out, someone stops to ask about it. I do recommend this particular one with confidence, it is great quality and easy to use. I run around with the kids a lot on my own, so I need something that I can grab while holding a baby, a diaper bag and holding another little hand. The way this folds is nice and easy to carry.