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  • Sonny Zaragoza - High Resolution????Is this only to be released in standard DVD format first???? I only ask since I bought the Blu-Ray version of the Snakes and Arrows concert and even though viewing the concert is truly the experience to aim for, I have to confess that watching in Blu-Ray...well...it just elevates the experience that much more...

    In my humble opinion, if you haven't witnessed a Rush concert in person, watching a Rush concert in hi-def is really the next best thing... I could be wrong, but you have to at least give it a chance AND THEN decide...
  • Jaw - worksi hardly ever get cold sores, like years apart. i got one in june i think, late june maybe, under my lower lip. i didn't think anything of it, it didn't hurt, and by the second day it was dried out and getting a scab. i forgot about how long it takes them to go away. but it didn't go away. it didn't hurt, it was dry, but it just stayed there, it was quite noticeable, and as it happened, my daughter's wedding was coming up at the end of July. She was starting to worry that it would still be there for the wedding photos because it just wasn't changing, it wasn't getting any better, after weeks.

    i figured if you don't put something on them at the beginning, nothing is going to help so i never tried getting any remedies until less than a week from the wedding and we were at Whole Foods, and i saw a remedy displayed that said Cold Sores on it, so i picked it up. When i was paying for my groceries, the guy who was bagging them said i should try Abreva. He said he had tried lots of other things and they didn't work, he said i would get it at a drug store. i laughed because i had already paid for the other stuff and he was saying it didn't work.

    We went to Walgreens after that, we were going anyway, not just for the Abreva, but i got some, shocked by the price but whatever, the guy at Whole Foods really was convincing. I put it on according to the instructions, although it said you should put it on at the first sign, and this was after probably going on 4 weeks with no real improvement in how it looked, i was afraid by then it was permanent. I put it on and by the end of the next day the thing was fading, definitely. i kept putting it on and the wound was getting lighter, much better, my daughter noticed. Hard to believe that after all that time, it would cause improvement. I thought maybe it was a coincidence and that it would've gone away at that point anyway. But still, maybe it helped, it was a coincidence that looked good for Abreva. It did steadily go away after that, although if the light is right, i can still see a slight discoloration. Weird.

    Then, a few weeks later, i inadvertently touched my upper lip and felt a slight soreness. i checked it again in the next few minutes and felt a tiny thing that was like a pimple. i looked in the mirror, i couldn't really see anything, maybe a little redness. I figured maybe it was a cold sore, being right on the edge of the lip, so i put the Abreva on. It was definitely a tiny pimple with a little redness, yellow in the middle, and a little sore. I was certainly catching it at the beginning so i was optimistic.

    that was a Thursday night. I kept putting Abreva on all day on Friday. I was disappointed because it didnt' seem to change, it didn't get worse, so maybe that was a good sign, but it also didn't get better, and i had read some user reviews were some people said the sore was going away by the third day, but it wasn't changing at all, for sure. still i kept putting it on, frequently, more than it says on the tube. On Saturday i was sick without any warning, my throat was swollen, the uvula, and i felt a little weak. i took it easy and kept putting Abreva on the sore, but it didn't seem to get better. Also not any worse. On Sunday i woke up and i was fine and the cold sore was going away. This is Monday and it's virtually gone now. it was definitely almost gone yesterday, the third day.

    So i would have to say it works. i will keep it on hand and will use it again.

    I got the pump kind. LIke some other reviewers, when i tried it this recent time, found that too much of it squired out, and some of it ended up in the sink. But i found that after the first couple of times, i could control it and keep too much from coming out. It was still a little too much that i had to wipe on a kleenex, but that's because the sore was so tiny and it wasn't so much that it was a problem.

    i ordered another tube so i can keep some at work.
  • Alja Isakovic - An excellent overview of contextual technologyThe book guides your through different areas of life where contextual technologies will change the way we live and work with a lot of practical examples. Even as somebody who follows the tech closely, I found several exciting new technologies and companies I wasn't yet aware of. I also appreciated the behind the scenes info from various companies in the field. A must read if you want to get a feeling of what's in store for us in the next 5 years or so.
  • Tracey Treglia - MONEY IN THE BANK 2011!!! Chicago, IllinoisIf you read my review of Capitol Punishment, don't think I'm being way too positive by giving this 5 stars. But anyway, this was just a fantastic PPV with my favorite style ladder matches. The CM Punk vs. John Cena match was completely incredible lasting 33:44 and beating a record of the longest singles match in WWE PPV history. I enjoyed the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Randy Orton and Christian as well. And for the first time in WWE, somebody might retire with the WWE Championship belt. No spoilers

    1. SmackDown! Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Kane (24:27)
    I was mainly looking forward to this Money in the Bank Ladder Match and I knew it wouldn't disappoint. This had extreme-measured ladder moves like Gabriel doing his 450 splash off the top and Sheamus powerbombing Sin Cara off the top turnbuckle and through a ladder. This was probably the most realistic Money in the Bank because everybody got involved most of the time. The old members of the Corre did great fighting apart. A must-see match. 8.5/10

    2. Divas Championship Match
    Kelly Kelly(c) vs. Brie Bella (4:24)
    I never really find these matches very interesting but this one wasn't terrible. Had a big amount of high-flying moves and little outside action.

    3. Big Show vs. Mark Henry (6:00)
    In the other reviews people seemed to really like this match. In my terms, it was O.K. Obviously it was a slow paced match but I was surprised to see the high-flying moves by Big Show. Mark Henry just stuck to the powerhouse slams. Just like the match before, I have nothing else to say. 7.5/10

    4. RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    Rey Mysterio vs Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth vs. Miz vs. Alex Riley vs. Kofi Kingston (15:40)
    This a better Money in the Bank Ladder match but not by a lot. I was shocked by the Miz by returning after knee injury. Alex Riley showed some impressive ladder match material. Rey Mysterio entered his very first Money in the Bank Ladder Match which was exciting for the crowd and me. It was amazing when every superstar in the match were all on ladders. Overall, the match more brutal, more great-planned and somewhat more exciting than the SmackDown! one. Another definite must-see Money in the Bank. 9/10

    5. World Heavyweight Championship:
    Randy Orton(c) vs. Christian (If Orton got disqualified or the referee makes a "bad call" Christian become Champion)(12:20)
    This was the 2nd best of their battles throughout this rivalry. Both men worked hard the match was expected to be kept short. I'm okay with the way the match ended. Great match. 8.5/10

    6. WWE Championship:
    John Cena(c) vs. CM Punk (If CM left Chicago with the championship, Cena would be fired)(33:44)
    As Joey Styles would say, OH MY GOD!!!! This has to be the greatest match in the history of history. I don't know how WWE pulled off such a great rivalry followed by a record breaking match. These men worked harder than any men have worked in a different match. This was bloody and brutal with CM Punk's face bruised after hitting his head on the barricade. CM Punk made around eight GTS attempts while Cena doing the same with Attitude Adjustments. CM Punk got out of about 5 STFs. INCREDIBLE! MATCH OF THE YEAR!!!!!!! 10/10

    I thought at first the PPV would be bad due to the only six matches and all of the other matched happening early. If it weren't for the Punk vs. Cena match, this PPV would be about a half-hour shorter. Last year, the Money in the Banks were slow paced, unlike these ones. The Championship matches were extremely exciting because of the risk-taking stipulations. I give this event 5 Stars. This just so might be the best PPV since WrestleMania XIX. Everyone should now be pumped for SummerSlam to see how that turns out. WWE is going to gain so much more popularity because of this one performance.