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  • Randy - Cant go wrongI wanted a bluetooth speaker for Christmas. Checked out sonos jawbone bose soundfreaq etc etc over the last 2 weeks. Read reviews on this one so crossed my fingers and ordered it. Omg i am absolutely stunned. This beats all the others ive listened to. Outstanding sound quality, weatherproof and kicks right in with incoming phone calls. After listening to its competitors i can HIGHLY! recommend this one. Great price outstanding service from Amazon. Very happy just like the other reviewers in here. Amazon is going to sell alot of these. P S dont email saying something that is hundreds more is better. I bought it for 149.00 nothing can beat it at that price point.TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker
  • Edward Zambrano "Ed" - Best tablet. periodI live outside the US so it was a big risk buying this thing without any warranty. The tablet works perfectly, with ICS runs really really fast,moving through the apps is a really nice sensation. right now I'm playing pokemon stadium 2 (n64 emulator), runs without any lag...

    BE AWARE: the web navigation is not the strong part of this device, the ipad does a better job, and also the apps for IOS are better, I have an ipod touch 4g and the games are better, no doubt about that. But since I don't have the money to pay the ipad apss, I'm happy with my android device.

    About the camera, WOW!. I wasn't expecting taking pictures with a tablet, but now is my best camera, and also the integration with dropbox is really cool, when you take a picture, the tablet automatically sends the picture to your dropbox folder. nice!

    500$ for this tablet?...difficult question, It's a really nice device but if you're going to buy it just to play angry birds, please DON'T!