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  • Kyle Slayzar - Efficient and EffectiveBeen using Kaspersky since last year and I expected the 2012 internet security to work just as well even with the upgrades. So far, so good.

    One of the biggest things I liked was that once I installed the program it began searching for conflicting programs such as other anti-virus software and, while it found nothing, it's nice to know that it was looking for them. You never know what conflicts of programs can lead to system failures these days. Kaspersky 2012 also does not slow down your system like other programs like *cough*Norton*cough* do since they keep inflating themselves to the point of making your PC come to a screeching halt.

    The first update took a while to download but that was a minor inconvenience. After all, I'd rather spend 20 minutes downloading now than a few hours and endless money fixing my computer either by myself (God help us) or (God help me) I go to a professional service.

    All in all, Kaspersky did what I expected it to do and it did it well. It is definitely worth the investment and I will continue to renew my license with them so long as they continue this tradition of excellence.
  • Ovieda Estrada "Insight Seeker" - Works for me!My medical doctor recommended this product to me after diagnosing me with candida via a blood test. Some people have complained about feeling bad. I have to ask - did your doctor not explain to you that when you kill candida, the dying off produces at times almost flu like symptoms? Everything from bad breath to stomach cramps. I don't think you can blame the products you ar using to kill the candida. This product tastes good and is very portable which I like. Based on the candida die off symptoms I have, it seems to be working. It also gives me a little energy boost.