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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 29730 Rock Hill, South Carolina

  • Brandon - Badminton be all up and awesome with this racketSo i usually played with the beginner rackets you got in the starter kits with some birdies and what not. My friends have gotten ones like this one, but other brands. I gotta say, this one is awesome.

    Lighter then some of my friends rackets, if anyone cares about that fact. I don't mind, as long as it's not 20 pounds. The string is tight and hits well. I ordered it with regular shipping and it came in two days. Maybe it's where i live but most stuff i buy on Amazon comes rather quickly. Also a few of my friends have a yonex and they like theirs too, though i don't think it's this exact model.

    The only thing is mine is orange and black, not yellow. I mean, i don't care, and color doesn't mean anything really, but it's not that big of a set back. Other then that i'm really happy with the racket. My High school does a competition every year and benefits go to charity and what not. Glad i have this racket for the tournament!!

    I don't know if it's professional, but i'm glad i got a really nice one for 16 bucks (Plus shipping) Enjoy it.
  • Mel - Awesome play matHighly recommend this product for any little one who enjoys kicking. My husband got this for our daughter who was slightly over a month old and she had such a blast with kicking her feet and hearing the music. As she got older she noticed the mirror and enjoys looking into it. I like that you can have the option to remove the toys for cleaning and if you want you can put different toys (that you purchase) up giving your little one something new to look at.
    I wish the lion could have been softer or something special done with it because it is just a hard piece of plastic and the 3 other toys, also hard plastic at least do something. The floor mat stays in place in the plastic green piece that holds everything together but at the same time the mat still moves which is nice for her because she is able to grab it and not let go.
    Great product, highly recommend it.
    1 added benefit, this toy came in handy when I needed to medicate my daughters eyes, she would just stare up at the mirror or the toys and that is when I put her medication in. She would kick and the keys would play thier tunes and the stars would light up and everything was just fine again. :)
  • Ken Stenger - Canon 10-22 f/3,5 - 4.5This is a great lens for any user, professional or amateur. This lens offers incredibly wide focal lengths all while giving very impressive/clean results. A slight distortion is noticeable when shooting at 10mm (16mm cropped) but this is easily correctable with software. In addition, the very fast and absolutely silent USM is a huge plus. I highly recommend this lens to anyone wanting great landscapes or great in door/architecture shots (especially realtors).
  • 1st time mom - LOVE THIS STROLLER!!My son loves it, and I was so thankful to be able to have him in a bassinet for several months after he was born. I know he was so comfortable and that I was supporting his growth by having him lay flat as long as he could. I always receive comments on how good the stroller is, how easliy and smooth it rides, and how lightweight it is. When folded, it takes up minimal space, and we have a VW passet and the stroller base easily fits in our empty trunk.
  • Fred Gibson Jr - Works for me!I had to replace Microsoft Money when I went over to a new computer. Money is no more, but apparently Quicken is the replacement product. I didn't use every single function that Money (or probably Quicken) could do, but I wanted to use Quicken more - if it was convenient to do so. This is an excellent guide and - while much of Quicken is intuitive and you can figure it out as you go - this guide makes life much easier.