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City: 29425 Charleston, South Carolina

  • Ettore Menguzzo - A reading experience from ItalyI bought this book in Kindle format choosing it under Amazon's advice, and after browsing a lot of alternatives.
    In my opinion, excellent work as it brings a true story to literature, expoloring each character's feelings and emotions and bringing them to the reader with a sense of objectiveness which makes them universal.
    I would also underline the value for foreign readers as I am: a better knowledge of American society we think we know because it's widely publicized and discussed on our televisions and newspapers but not well known in his complexity and values.
  • William D. Mccormick "Traveler" - Everything in one book!!I looked at many books about the Appalachian Trail and found this to be the most complete for a Tru-Hiker. Specifically, I liked the detailed descriptions of the services available at each stop along the trail. Descriptions of Lodgings, medical facilities, maps of key towns, and other services is quite good. I have be able keep a light pack by resupplying about every three days.
  • Globetrotter - Exactly What I Needed for Math ClassMML was reasonably priced (about $30 lower than what I would've paid at my school's bookstore), packaged well, and was received quickly. I didn't have any issues with the access code because the packet was unopened/unused. The e-book is included with an option for teachers to use lecture notes for students to bring with them to class in lieu of the bulky textbook, and videos are included with access, with an option to email your professor questions about any chapters in the book. I would recommend buying MML from Amazon over any other source!
  • Gabriel Young - It's a brain-dead action "RPG" and I love every minute!Sure, I've played both Diablo I and II and neither of which held my attention for more than a few hours at a time and never longer than a year -- that's exactly what I expect Diablo 3 to do. After a week of mashing my mouse buttons, I feel D3 will very likely have the same effect on me.

    That said, this is exactly what makes this game so special. There are many other games that hold my attention in a different fashion. I don't expect this to be an expansive universe like WoW, rather I see this as a game that will allow me to click more and think less (and this is coming from someone who considers himself a thinker). For that reason, D3 fills that void perfectly.

    The beauty about the Diablo series is that it allows almost anyone at any skill level to start playing immediately. At the same time, it does a great job of keeping gamers interested, at least for short sessions of click bursts. And for those of us who want to make it really challenging, the hard core option is still there (if you die, you die).

    Do I love everything about the game? No. But I don't have to love every part of the game for it to meet my expectations and have a great time. D3 won't likely win game of the year but I like that it kept the old formula of success and added a layer of freshness to the popular series.

    If you're a Diablo veteran, I don't think you'd be disappointed. Everything you loved about the other two are back. If you're new to Diablo, as long as you know what type of game it is and you keep your expectations to what the game is supposed to be, you will thoroughly enjoy it.