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  • Amanda Burkman - Wonderful!I was worried about spending this much money on a swing, but between the sound, the speeds, and the different motions, my son LOVED this, and it would sooth him when nothing else would... I know that vibration isn't natural for babies, but as my little guy got a little older, we did have to get a vibrating chair also, so that would be my one comment to make it better... and I would like to see it be able to swing forward and backward, or be able to turn the direction of the chair to achieve that, perhaps in later models... even without that- this chair is wonderful and my son was so calm in his.
  • yasir - Buy itA very good book. Bought it for mu brother ( has ulcerative colitis ) n he is witnessing daily successes with it n calling me daily thankful for it... The best doctor for UC "my brother's words"
  • bikenut71 - Cloud AntivirusI was pleased by the speed of the Antivirus program compared to McAfee and others. The program seems to be as good as Spysweeper with Antivirus in regards to removing spyware/malware and appears to be just as reliable when it comes to detecting and cleaning viruses. I've been recommending Spysweeper to all my friends that have had spyware/malware problems with their comptuers using the more notable companies like McAfee and Norton. Since they made the switch I get less calls for favors. : Webroot is a great company with great products and I've been using Spysweeper since 2004 and have never been let down.
  • Dave Davis - I love this lens!Most everything to be said about this lens has been said before. This is my favorite lens in my collection. I shoot landscapes 95% of the time and this lens is fantastic when paired with my new 60D body. I can't believe the sharpness and color of the photos I've been taking. The Canon 10-22mm is more expensive than its competition, but as someone said before, sometimes you get what you pay for. If you need a wide angle lens, buy this one. You won't be sorry.