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  • thedoctor8706 - Good Edition (So Far): A Cleaned Up 2012 EditionHaving just begun preparing for Step I (May 29 is the day!), I eagerly picked up the newest copy of First Aid. And by newest copy, I'm referring to the actual physical text, not the Kindle version. I've been working with the 2012 edition, but picked up the 2013 edition as I plan on doing Doctor's In Training 2013, and they require the most up-to-date text. I haven't read the book through in earnest yet, but from my quick skimmings, what I have noticed is that most of the content is very similar to the 2012 edition, except that the HUGE list of errata from the 2012 edition has been corrected. Other than that, you'll find a few picture tweaks here and there, but nothing major. I did notice the cover is made of a newer material this year, which is much hardier than previous editions, not to mention more "spill-proof."

    I have since had the binding from my copy removed and the text 3-hole punched, and was relieved to find that a typical 3-hole punch will not punch out any words or graphics. Now my edition is in a nice binder, ready for annotation and adding of other material as I see fit.

    If I come across any huge errors or problems with this text, I'll update my review, but as for now, I'm pleased with the updates they've made.

    EDIT: I have noticed some errors as I have gone into my devoted Step I study period, but they are still much less than that of the 2012 edition. I still like the small changes they made (like incorporating embryology into each section rather than give it its own chapter) and think this is one of the better releases! Check First-Aid's website for a most up-to-date list of 2013 errata.
  • M&L Mama - There's no substitute for this mineral powder originatorAfter some price hikes and sneaky packaging size reduction, I strayed from Bare Minerals on principle. Over the course of almost 2 years, I fumbled with a couple mineral powders from the drug store and an expensive one from Smashbox but I was never really satisfied. These copycat powders did little to cover redness and usually made me look like a super-matte Kabuki doll. My recent return to Bare Minerals has been triumphant! I forgot what flawless coverage and excellent blendability this particular foundation offers. I can get a full face of freckle-covering perfection or dab a bit on a blemish and feel "made-under" but confident to run errands. Nothing comes close to Bare Escentuals' formulation which offers appropriate mattifying, amazing coverage and skin color matching; a bargain at any price.
  • J. Gumm - Terrific resourceWe took our kids to Disneyland last summer and purchased this book from Amazon to prepare. I will admit I was skeptical about paying for the book where there is s much information on-line but it proved to be a terrific resource. It isn't perfect because things do change, but it is a great resource and it really was a terrific investment in helping our family to have a wonderful experience.
  • Cuiya Tan - it is amazingDante's the Divine Comedy is an amazing spiritual journey. And Dan Brown's inferno leads us to travel to Italy and Istanbul to look for the plague. Inferno is different from the Lost Symbol and Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code. It concerns more about the human population, bioscience and adventures.
    After I finishing reading the Inferno, I am planning to go to Florence and Istanbul one day.
  • Steve in Dallas - IT'S A FASHION STATEMENTAnd it states it very well, thank you. It has all those clock faces, only one of which I actually set to the correct time. It has the timer/stop watch so you can time how long it takes for that dweeb to get the hell away from you. :) It has the digital clock so you can impress soldiers and policemen with your instant knowledge of military time. And it's blue and can be worn with so many things including red, white & blue shirts, shorts and deck shoes during the summer.