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  • Nephemia - Start Menu, Apps, Schemes...I'm in love. I was skeptical of Win 8 after what I'd heard from others, but after trying it I couldn't be happier. I love how I can customize everything, though there are some issues that appear to be the OS' fault (for instance, in a game I play [League of Legends] there are screen blinks that look much like a super-fast window being minimized, even when I have nothing else on. Anyways.

    Start menu:
    A new approach to the start menu... this blends the organization of the old system with the functionality and look of a cellphone or other personalized app-based device. I feel this system is probably the best for a laptop with a touch screen, especially the transformer books and such. The search feature displays all (?) of your programs with nice proportions and great organization. It's nice to be able to scan over the list and quickly find something instead of opening files or attempting a search when you don't remember the name of something. I especially like the news app... the full screen reading is so beautiful and I find myself attracted to spending more time keeping informed than I did before. :P

    I liked the "shiny" graphics of Win 7, but while Win 8's scheme is flatter I think it's an improvement. It's a little less eye catching and for me this is a plus, although if you set it to bright colors it does pop. The clear cut edges feel similar to the transition we Apple users went through when we updated to iOS 7, and personally I think Microsoft did it right.

    I like a lot of the apps, and those you don't like you can ignore. ;) But one thing is interesting, and sorta weird... There's an app tray when you hover bottom left corner+slide up, and if you have any apps running they will show up here. Even when you think you've closed out of an app, double check this because it may still be running.

    Other than the apps, start menu, and graphics, there aren't many obvious regular-use changes, so that concludes my review. :)
  • Wolff Girl - Great tablet to travel withI use my tablet daily and have never has a single problem with it. I would highly recommend it for the price.
  • Racy Red Reader - Five Star WARNING!Don't start this book before bedtime or you'll be up all night saying to yourself, "just one more chapter...". The next day you'll get to work and think all day about Annie's plight, and waiting until you can get home to read some more! I've already read "Never Knowing" and look forward to Steven's next book!
  • kindlelover - My NEW LIFE - l love the AMAZON Kindle Wi FiAfter my reviews of ebook readers, it was apparent that Amazon Kindle would be my first e reader. I have been happy from the start. After two support calls, I have been on my own and blessedly happy.

    The Kindle Wi Fi version changed my life of reading enjoyment. In fact, after forty years, I am now playing games. Mahjong Solitaire is my favorite. Because of the ease of operation, I am now reading more and quicker. I first finished a 700 page book in record time. It draws you in, in a comfortable way and keeps you active reading or playing a game and is very relaxing.

    Amazon Kindle has done all their homework well and lives up to expectations. Thanks for being part of my NEW LIFE.