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  • NotOnline - Got this puppy for about $99It was worth the money it was cheap and it is being used for backups. It fails no biggy it is under warranty. Got the extended plan just in case as it was pretty inexpensive to do so. I am mirroring two of these with all my media and some additional backups. They have been performing really well. The performance is good on a desktop but because I use them with USB pass through on VMware ESXi they are slower then normal. That is a ESXi issue though. Good purchase, stack nicely, and are fairly quiet.
  • Patricia Connor - VERY EFFECTIVE GUIDE FOR THODE OF US WHO HAVE ALWAYS FOUND IT FRUSTRATLNG LOSING WEIGHTI started testing foods back in 1985. I stopped testing cause I thought I found them all. Good for you Lyn , you got me on the right track again. Your book is carefully thought out and effective. I am 80 and in good health. My whole life I have tried to eat correctly.. But losing weight was slow and very elusive. I used your thyroid menu . I learned in my 20's I had an underactive thyroid . When I reacted to the meds , I was on my own. Pizza, soda sugar were not par t of my life. Today I thank God . My current health is my best reward. Now I will finally reach my weight goals and even be healthier. With the help of my wonderful doctor Dr Wallner in TN I reversed osteoporosis . Diagnosed in 2007 all gone in two years. Now you are helping me
    Thank you
    Patricia Connor
  • Elisa Carter - Very helpfullThis program was very helpful to both my husband and I. I am in the mental health field and found this program to be very helpful in applying what I was taught to real life situations. The assignments are a very important part in applying the techniques. By following the assignments you don't just learn theory but get to really work out the kinks in applying it.
  • Shotgun Method - A masterpiece. George Orwell would approve.Animals, the fifth album in the unstoppable series of 1970's Pink Floyd recordings, is oft-overlooked by the general public. Which is a shame, because this is both Roger Water's best lyrical effort (in my opinion) and a showcase for David Gilmour's finest guitar work. This 1977 album sees the whole band working together, which would not be seen again in the years to come with The Wall and The Final Cut. This is Pink Floyd's angriest album and one of their most political, eschewing the spacey melancholy of Wish You Were Here for more minimalist, discordant textures. It is lyrically patterned around George Orwell's classic political novel Animal Farm (if you haven't read it GO READ IT RIGHT NOW!). Tycoons and corporate bigwigs represent the "Pigs," yuppies and relentless social climbers are the "Dogs," and the meek and dogmatic followers are the "Sheep." There is one song dedicated to each character sketch, and each is lyrically savage. Waters is in incredible form here, spitting out such lines as "You radiate cold shafts of broken glass," "You believe at heart, everyone's a killer," and "Ha, ha, charade you are." Classic. But enough about that. What is REALLY impressive about this album is how such long songs--17 minutes for Dogs, 12 minutes for Pigs (Three Different Ones), and 10 minutes for Sheep--manage to feel like five minutes. This is due to the band's remarkable performance. Waters' moody basslines carry the song, while Richard Wright's perfectly placed keyboards add atmosphere and Nick Mason keeps the pace steady. This leaves the mighty guitarist David Gilmour to cut loose with some of his most edgy, emotional work. Whether it be eerie floating chords, clever animal-sound talkboxing, or dry runs for Comfortably Numb (see the spine-tingling coda of Pigs), Gilmour is absolutely inspired and never bores me despite the extremely progressive song lengths. The album is nicely bookended by a 2-part short acoustic ballad Pigs On The Wing, which is performed solely by Waters. What makes Animals even more remarkable is that so few people have heard it. Every fan of Pink Floyd should have this release. Although some of the political references are a bit dated (one lyric makes reference to Mary Whitehouse, sort of an English Tipper Gore) few of 1977's punk albums contain the same level of articulate anger. If you're new to Pink Floyd, start with Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here, but once you are ready to get your mind blown, pick Animals up.
  • R. Bradshaw - Amazed it actually workedI was amazed that it actually worked over night!? I bought 2 bottles of the mouthwash (this item) and the starter kit ( I rarely have the tonsil stones some people mention but mainly notice that i have a lot of white build up on my tongue (which tastes rank).

    Last night I used the mouth wash (green bottle), 2nd mouth wash (tablet mix), throat spray and nasal drops (i wanted to be sure!) I woke up this morning with no usual bitter / bad taste in my mouth, i can't smell any bad breath at all and my tongue surface is perfectly pink for the first time in ... i don't know how long.

    I really am amazed as I partly thought this whole Therabreath + Dr. Katz thing sounded dodgy... like a typical infomercial product. Although I couldn't ignore all the amazon appraisals so tried it and I'm really pleased. I might post back after a month with what else i find.