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  • Marie Adams - Wonderful Learning ToolThis has many different questions that allow the user to adequately prepare for the computer adaptive test for the NCLEX RN. The book comes with a CD Rom that includes a mock test of the actual state board exam...words and letters are large enough to read and language is able to understand. It also has individual sections for each category covered on the NCLEX wito eth relevant questions help expand your understanding and learning process
  • Elsa D. Claverie - Still CreatingI found this book several years ago and recommended it to a friend, a struggling artist who couldn't seem to find the color yellow. She got to chapter eight before the elusive color found her, and she went on to create beautiful murals and ceilings for celebreties and football players(Jim Kelly, for one.) She got sick, and asked me if I knew who she could speak to, as Doctors didn't seem to know what was wrong. I suggested a woman I had heard of through the grapevine, but P.K. never got to see her. My lesson was that I had known of the book, and of the woman for years, but never thought about others being interested, or of helping them find it. This book is for anyone who wants to get in touch with the the divine gift of creativity in any form. P.K., I have learned. And for those who want to know who the woman was who probably would have saved P.K.'s life, read, "Forget The Cures, Find The Case," by Rayna Gangi