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  • geezer2u - What is your problem?What is the problem with this product for so many of you? It is not meant for super music technicalities, nor subwoofer performance.
    It is meant to enhance TV playback sound, and does a great job as far as I am concerned. I live in a 4 appartment
    setting where a sub-woofer is not an option; as it has a continuous sub-floor which conducts bass to every end, especially next door to me.
    For me, it is perfect.The audio is better, the base is enhanced; yet not subwoofer booming.
    Another point: look at your equipment and the hookup in's and out's. (I have a HDTV, 2 DVRs, a DVR-VHS recorder, and another Player recorder, which all play back through the optical cable out of the TV to the Bose.) Check your equipment and your expectations for a "simple, one fits all hookup". This is a great unit, you just have to match your stuff, and not over-expect the results.
    I would reccomend this unit for the "hearing-loss/dialog hearing impaired", and those who live in apartments with neighbors, who don't like loud booms in the night from a subwoofer on their ceiling or floor. Or maybe consider wireless head phones, if you want to listen late and loudly to your favorite stuff; for the comfort of your heighbors. I give it 5 stars; the football games sound better, as do all the TV shows when I can hear the dialoge in normal tones and not whispers,the action scenes are good,and then not over-powering commercials! It is so nice. Still, look at all your options and equipment, and see what will fit the equipment you have. Hope this helps. Look at what you have and upgrade accordingly.
    But, if you want better, try the Bose Surround Theater; one bar, wireless subwoofer. So simple, make louder sounds! But not near ME! Just a thought but maybe you heavey dudes could get the Optical Splitter; only works on one input at a time, though.
    Maybe not enough for your requirements? But only a couple of bucks right here on Amazon. May this solve your problems?...
    As I said before, this is not a "Home Theater" solution, just an upgrade to better sound from your TV; depending on your TV...
    Please configure your system before you buy anything! Look at the spec's on all the Sellers. This is where I usually end up.
  • LaurenB - holy crap it worked!Well like many other cursed women I've been dealing with Bacterial vaginosis for over five years. I literally have tried everything the doctor threw at me, from antibiotics to vaginal inserts to neglecting my husband out of fear sex would make it worse. I recently looked at my medical records because I switched insurance companies and I have been treated for BV 23 times!!!! As I just mentioned I switched insurance companies and was assigned a new OBGYN. She quickly suggested probiotcs and said it would work. I went home ordered the pills and waited an agonizing 4 days to get them. I have been using them for 5 days now and it is a 100% difference from before. I couldn't believe how quickly it helped. I tried the ultimate test with my husband and to my surprise I was still A OK. My BV was really bad, I was showering twice a day with no relief from the symptoms.
    The only downfall, and I'm not sure this has anything to do with the pills. I noticed that using the bathroom (number 2) I would have bad gas cramps that lasted a few minutes. This is a walk in the park compared to BV!
    I hope this helps. I thank god I finally found an OBGYN that knew her stuff!
  • Jamie Wilson "Shilom" - Way better than McAfeeI get so many online viruses, and I really don't do anything but homework, email and facebook (and I don't do FB apps at all), so I'm not sure where all this malware was coming from, but I was getting so extremely frustrated and my McAfee wasn't helping to be sure not my Windows security at all! I got the Kaspersky about a month ago and installed it right away in one computer, just so I could keep a fair comparison, even though I really wanted to do it in both! I use both computers daily, one at home, my laptop for school, my laptop is the one I did not install it yet (and in fairness at school it is pretty well protected by the schools security interface). So far the difference at home has been amazing though! Not a ONE malware has made it through, and I am talking at least daily attempts and weekly hackings, thats how bad the malware was making it, and when I am at home on my laptop it is still pretty bad so I can't wait to install Kaspersky to this one as well! Highly recommended, so much safer than McAfee, which as far as I can see doesn't do anything for malware which has always been MY biggest problem! I also love that this is good for three computers per year, I myself have 2 (so I could share with someone), but McAfee I had to buy per computer (when I just got my new computers I think I got a year with one Dell and 3 months with another), but I like that Kaspersky also understands most homes have more than one pc and doesn't charge you per each!
  • Jen Rothstein - It feels SO GOOD to be BAD!This book was absoulely wonderful. Cameron Tuttle is an amazing author, who really knows how to get what she wants, and not let any wussie with a boring attitude get in her way! Anyone who doesn't like this book just has no sence of humor and probably doesn't know how to have fun anyway! This book is a must-have for any cool girl. Way to go Cameron, when is the next one???