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  • Lesli Y-M "Lesli" - Working well and GREAT customer service!!!***UPDATE ON NOISE ISSUE***
    I finally contacted customer service at AeroGarden about the noisy pump. CJ suggested that I try to remove the green filter cover and see if that eliminated the gurgling noise. Voila, it worked! Now just a dull hum most of the time--MUCH better. They're also sending out 2 replacement seed pods since 2 of my plants didn't thrive like the rest. Now that's great customer service!!!

    My husband bought this for me for Christmas and I love being able to grow herbs year-round in the kitchen. Everything is sprouting nicely after just a few weeks. HOWEVER, the motor on the water pump is VERY noisy--I may even move the garden to another room so we don't have to listen to the gurgling noise all the time. This seems to be a pretty common complaint with this item.
  • judy - I bought this for my Samsung......Galaxy tablet and I love it! Not only do I now have more storage, but I can now play my games without them freezing or crashing!
  • Goldistan - You have saved the people of Alderaan!Many ages ago our peaceful colony was attacked by the evil empire's horrendously huge ship, the death star.
    Our leaders suggested we send a hotshot prepubescent pilot to somehow slide a torpedo into its ventilation pipe or something, but he was blown to pieces from a thousand mile distance.
    That ship was just too huge for us to handle.

    We were gonna get wiped out if not for this glorious book, which had taught us how to avoid the death star as well as imperial star destroyers altogether. God bless you Mr. Trimmer, you have saved the lives of the millions of peaceful people of Alderaan.