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  • mark basnight - I'm sold on NugenixI'm not one to believe in these type products, however I received a free trial, so I said what the heck. I'm 51 years old and I've been using Nugenix for several months. I've never felt better! Increased metabolism, muscle tone, endurance, and yes the L word (begins with an L and ends with an o) if you know what I mean :0) I'm sold on Nugenix!
  • ashma - Best buy for a tablet!If you want a tablet with the following: a responsive screen, very good resolution screen, good internal hardware, and inexpensive, buy a Kindle Fire! It has been so great I bought it for an older relative who needed a user friendly tablet. It is leagues better than our Nook Color, that has been endlessly frustrating.
  • C. M. Wessely "Caroline" - My New "go-to" baby gift!Bought this for our 8 month old, so she can participate with us at the kitchen island. Worth it's weight right there...but then we took it out to dinner and love it even more!! not only is it a clean seat for my baby, but she's not in an aisle way in a low wooden chair. Every time we would go out to eat, she would be so far away from the table and i would be concerned she would tip over. Not anymore! she's in the action, not getting bored, and safe! Love it!!! Thinking about buying an extra to keep in the car.