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  • Alan Bruce Mccornack - Lio Rules!From the first day I saw Lio, years ago in the San Bernardino Sun, I have loved this little imp! And I am glad to not only see him in the San Diego newspaper every day, but also to have one on my calendar every day. There is a certain "going against the grain" that Lio has no shortage of, that keeps me hoping for his success, while being entertained despite it all. This calendar is a welcome part of my desk and my day, and it would have to be Lio or Pearls Before Swine [last year] or plain vanilla yuck. This keeps things interesting!
  • dotnango - GreatGreats doctor recommended to buy this book and carry it with me it is small enough for your purse great
  • David Rasch - Jesus the failed muslim warriorIntroducing the muslim jesus. Just a man, nothing more. Characterized as a failed revolutionary. By selective reading of rejected speculations combined with isogesis (selecting a single verse or set of words out of context) and using moslem methodology, he has created someone who would be unrecognizable to biblical scholars. These scholars do not count because he deconstructs all the work on biblical texts suggesting they misunderstood Jesus, especially the Jews. Sound familiar? It is very important to read this book because it is a valuable insight into the minds of moslems, explaining why they say what they say.
  • Kenneth M. Hebert "Markhebert42" - Nice Job, Baby GorillaIf you are a fan of Artie, you'll enjoy this book. It is both dark and funny, insightful and easy-going. You never know when Art is telling the full truth and he'll be the first to tell you that he has been a bit of a fibber in the past. So what, in his latest tale he tells of his suicide attempt and all the gory details and they were as heartbreaking to read about today as all the rumors were to hear about when they happened. Stay strong Artie, you got a bunch of folks out here who love you and will always support you. Baba-Booey to 'yall.