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  • Lenny K. Peters - Goodbye slow loading applications & huge filesI have a situation where I pack my own MacBook Pro 15" into work. And some of the files we were moving were huge and took forever to load into Creative Suite. I started thinking of other options. Buy a new laptop..? Or make a fix somehow. After searching the internet I stumbled on a great article that you can load your OS on a SSD drive and move the optical drive out to create more space for a SSHD. I was overjoyed with the prospect and took my baby apart with a tool kit and followed the instructions to a tee. Now my MBP boots up in less than 17 sec, and opens multiple applications rapid fast. Make sure to max your RAM while you do the operation and rest assured you have a few more years on your machine. Place your files that are media related on the other drive and you are golden. I will NEVER go back to the "moving parts HHD" ever again. It's like a Ferrari under the hood and tons cooler than that overheating spinning disc. Now they are getting more affordable now is the chance unless you are going for the "upgrade" that you can't upgrade.
  • Sunnylee - AmazingMy family are feeling such an awesome General Well Being after Just a month of being on Oxygen Therapy. I wont write too much because I really believe that you need to discover and study this for yourself. I will quickly list the things it has healed within myself, Husband and 4 Boys. Here we go, Heartburn, Eczema, Asthma, Acne, Bronchitis, Concentration and the one that I love the most is my 3 year old Now eats, I have been battling with him ever since his Near Drowning and Being in a Coma for a week, it is our belief that all the drugs and toxins pumped into him back then have stunted his growth. He has only every craved sweet foods. Well now my baby is easting so much fruit and Yoghurt that alone is worth more to me than even curing my own Asthma. I thank God for giving us this knowledge and will continue the therapy for the rest of our living Days. I cant thankyou enough My Precious God
  • nxr013 - Great toy!!!I bought this playmat when my baby was around 2 months, and it was well worth the investment. My baby loved looking at herself in the mirror. She would smile and coo at the baby in the mirror. She also loves to kick so the piano gets quite a beating! Now that she can roll over and her coordination is improving, she enjoys playing with the animals on the mat and chewing on the hanging toys.