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City: Saint-Petersburg, St.-Petersburg

  • J. Vitale "momandwriter" - Easy, efficient and deliciousI have wanted a grill for many years, but as I live in a small apartment with just a tiny balcony, I couldn't indulge in my diehard love of Weber Charcoal kettle grills. I gave in at last, and ordered this grill, and I'm happy to report it exceeds my expectations. So far I have baked bread (with the extra pizza stone) and made chicken, veggies and fruit on it, and I'm delighted. It was easy to assemble, too. The instructions had verbiage as well as pictures, and all the parts were present and organized. Great job, Char-Broil!!!!
  • L. Cowart - Just like everyone else..If you could only get one book that provided info on getting into medical school, this is it. It is the de facto guide from getting into an osteopathic school.
  • Brian N. Kramer - Just the factsThis is my first time using TT Business for my S-Corp 3 person company. Last year we used an accountant that took too long to do our taxes, and cost too much money. This is also the first year I did 'enhanced payroll' via Quickbooks and figured that has to be 99% of the work and I can just import my numbers into TT and be done with. I have used TT home and business for personal use in the past, and this Business software is similar in its structure.

    Inputting basic data like corporate name/address/shareholders is pretty straight forward. Import from Quickbooks was easy as well, but this is where the big problem happened. When I got to the page to 'balance my books', I noticed the horror, that a bunch of items from Quickbooks were tagged and using wrong tax lines (I accidentally had an automatic rule that marked many of my sales as employee taxes). After the import, I found that I could no longer open Quickbooks because TT was using the file. Needless to say, a simple reboot, corrections in Quickbooks, 'delete all imports', and another try! I wish I could say I did it all correct on the next round, but nope, I had to repeat the process above a few times.

    The only real issue I had after fixing Quickbooks was a rounding error of 1$. This was not my fault, my CPA was off by a $1 in rounding the year before, but Quickbooks was dead on and the TT software kept trying to have me fix the issue. After several iterations and figuring out how this happened (that took a while), everything else went smooth. Despite all the effort, I don't think there could have been a quick or efficient way to do all the balancing, and I now need to wait for all the forms, but that was to be expected. Next year I imagine I will be able to fly through the taxes in about 10% the time of this year.
  • judy vacante - Best travel tips ever!Definitely required reading before a trip to Italy . On our last trip, saved money by eating and staying at his recommended restaurants and hotels. Had money left over at the end of our trip! We never travel to Europe without one of Rick Steve's books. All the insider information you could ever want. Tear out the info on the cities you are visiting and take them with you.
  • David Wilkinson "David" - Joao/"A Kid": Please stop posting your inane, redundant reviewsOkay, we get it, you don't like the album. There's no need to post such endless amounts of incoherent babble attempting to state as much. Your words are, to term a phrase you used to describe this amazing album: "the sickening results of egocentrism." Seriously. If you really are a kid, go out and play and stop spending so much time on the internet trying to annoy people. Go bug classmates at your nursery school, or better yet, grow up and get a life. Thank you.