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  • Michael A. Saxton "Dark Lord of the Sith" - Another Great McAfee Anti-VirusWhat can I say? I installed this on a netbook with Windows XP and it runs great. I replaced AVG Free with it and there is no noticeable slowdown. Obviously, the protections is much greater than with a free antivirus. It's easy to install and easy to use, just like past editions.

    I also installed it on a Windows Vista laptop. That is the ultimate test. It passed. It works well with Vista Home. One thing that I thought was convenient was when I was setting it up, it detected AVG Free (like most antivirus programs will) and had a link to click to open the program list so I could uninstall it. This is just a little thing but it was convenient, saved me from digging through the control panel. After the computer reboot, it went straight to the installation without needing to start over again.

    It does the job and does it well. I've had very good past experiences with McAfee and this product continues that tradition.
  • Judy Knight - Loving my ipad mini!!!!Love it! Easy to work with and will not buy anything else after trying a Surface tablet too. Just ordered another one for my husband.