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Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

  • Peter Kroetsch - Amazing soundI had only a passing acquaintance with the "Animals" album although I had like what I heard. I am a belated Pink Floyd fan, having several of their other albums, mostly in older CD versions. Now listening to this 2011 remaster, I am impressed not only by the music but the sound. I was blown away by the quality of the remastering. I've heard very few new, much less over 30 year old albums sound so amazing! I have good equipment: Oppo BDP-95 player, NAD amp, Vandersteen speakers and subwoofer. Good enough to hear what's there. The sound was brilliant: enveloping, clear, involving to a degree I would not have expected. I bought the new "Lapse of Reason" album, recorded ten years more recently at the same time. Surprisingly, the older album was much better in both quality of music (maybe not surprising with the full original band) and sound!
    Now I'm eager to check out the other remasters.
  • R. Kent McVety - 3d Glasses for Panasonic ST30I purchased two pairs of the SainSonic 3d glasses for my new 42 inch Panasonic ST30. I chose the SainSonic over the more expensive Panasonic glasses based upon the numerous reviews. I do not have any complaints about the glasses other than they do not fit well over my prescription glasses. My prescription lenses are large, and so the 3d glasses do not completely cover. It would be nice if someone could come out with clip-on 3d shutter glasses. The shutter glasses work well. They have a yellow tint until you turn them on. They do darken the picture like all 3d glasses. I compensate by turning up the brightness and color on the TV. I watched The Lion King in 3d, and found they did a good job. There was no flicker or ghosting in the picture. The only flicker was from light coming through the window during the daytime. The TV was flicker-free.
  • gccampos - I'm not getting the mileage I thought I wasNow I know why people were impatient with me in the fast lane - I found out that my car's speedometer is 3 miles fast; I'm only going 57 when the Speedometer is reading 60mph! This was great on our road trip from Seattle area down I-5 to Cresent City, then 101 to San Jose, then to San Diego, then to Anaheim, then to Sacramento then back to Seattle. Those LA freeways are complicated!! It was like navigating through spaghetti. This Garmin Nuvi really made it much easier, with just enough time to get in the right lanes.