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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 85048 Phoenix, Arizona

  • CLA5570 - Neat & CleanLove my new cargo liner (floor mat)!!! I use the area behind the second seat in my Explorer primarily as a trunk and storage area (golf bag, groceries, etc.). The mat keeps things from sliding around and it looks neat & clean. It also protects the back section and third row seats from getting stained and/soiled. A MUST purchase for anyone who does not use their third row seats on a regular basis.
  • momamour - Absolutely worth it!I read the reviews on this product after looking for a healthy, organic meal replacement drink and decided to nervously purchase this. I have suffered from ulcers and slow gastric emptying for years. I knew I needed a meal replacement drink to help supplement calories for days that my body just cannot handle solid foods. After reading so many reviews on the taste, I wasn't sure if it would be money wasted yet again. My biggest concern was the taste and if I would be even able to keep this baby down.

    Well, I can happily say that I have been on this product for 1 week now with amazing results. Within the first day, the pain from my ulcer and acid reflux was gone. Literally, I haven't had any stomach pain or reflux at all since drinking this. This product did in one day what 5 years of being on 80mg of Nexxium could not do. Crazy!! My gut is emptying - I don't have that "stuck" feeling anymore, and I can tell because I have been using the bathroom everyday like a ritual. I even saw the doctor this week and he said I could cut my stomach meds back to 1/2 if I chose. I attribute this to all the enzymes in the product. I feel good, my skin is clear and I can think clearly because I am getting all the nutrients I need. Seriously, this product is that good.

    The taste is pretty good if you are used to that "organic" style of taste. I blend my two scoops of powder with a glass of organic unfiltered apple juice and sometimes half a glass of Lifeway raspberry keifer. It is delicious!! Sometimes it is grainy at the bottom so I just throw in a bit more apple juice and swallow it down. Not bad at all!

    I usually have one in the morning for breakfast and another before bed to help with my digestion and prevent reflux at night.
    I never write reviews here. But this time I was compelled. I know I will be with this product for a long time.