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  • Robert McCormick "Superluminal" - Excellent 16-35mm (equiv.) for APS-CMany great things have already been said about this lens, and I will support them!

    My copy delivers outstanding sharpness (nearly on par with my 24-70L) even *wide open* (rare for a wide angle of all but the finest German manufacturers), great color, very little distortion (many objective tests have revealed that it's probably the "best of breed" ultra wide angle), and impressive contrast. Surprisingly, the build quality is not bad: tight fitting mount, damped rings, and no jiggles or rattles.

    If I were forced to offer a (slight) negative, it would be the bokeh of the lens is somewhat "marbly"...However, when shooting a subject with an OOF area differential high enough to make bokeh a component of the frame, then the subject is likely going to demand far more attention than the bokeh! ;)

    A fine lens, Canon: definitely worth the premium over the Sigma and Tokina rivals (both of which I sampled before purchasing this optic).
  • Amazonian "Amazonian" - Be glad when there is a generic version of thisThis is the only product that reliably works! Problem is they are milking it for all it is worth - good luck running into the drugstore and not paying $17 bucks for it. . Buy it, your wallet will be glad you did.