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  • Jessica Benninger - You have to buff!!At first I was a little displeased with the product. But after using it for about a week I have discovered that the type of brush you use, the amount of product you use (I have found it best to use sparingly) and the amount of buffing you do makes all the difference. Today I buffed it into my face for a little bit longer and used a little less product than I have been and was really pleased with the results!
  • Rebecca Brown "rebeccasreads" - re-thinking our sexualityPart I of PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS poses several important & unsettling questions among which are:
    Why do we fall out of love & our relationships fail?
    When our "perfect" match leaves, why are we so crazy?
    Why are women & men at such odds with each other?
    Having gotten rid of our sexual hang-ups, why do we suffer sexual hangovers?
    How can we make enduring love as well as sustainable relationships?
    How can we break the spell of biology?
    How can we exercise saner sex?With scientific research, wisdom from the Ancients of the East, personal stories, & healthy doses of humor in the form of aphorisms from the trenches of the battlefield between the sexes, PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS is an accessible guide for all Readers who know there is something unhealthy, unsatisfying & unexplained in their failing sexual relationships. Remember, 50% of all American marriages end in divorce, & no one knows the % of relationships which never make it to the ring stage.Part II of PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS is the How of healing what has tied the best of us up in knots for most of our sexual life. Offering ancient, tried & true exercises in a joyful, stressless way. ... recommends PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS as an earnest & hopeful, intelligent & amusing adventure in re-discovering our sexuality. It then shows us how to open our hearts & re-train our bodies & minds to re-create healthy sexual relationships.
  • john phillips - Pleaure and painBeing a regular bloke who watches Football and does not like watching the WWWF l had never even considered getting rid of the hair down below, this was before l discovered l had somehow got infected with 100's of tiny new friends down there.
    Also being a regular bloke l never, ever read reviews which is why l own 2 ''Sunggies'' and one of those lights you attach to your forehead to help you read at night ( those things really, really hurt ).
    l thought about just shaving but my hands tend to shake when l get excited , plus had no idea how to deal with the wrinkly bits, l was so excited to find this product in the local chemists ( funnily enough it was a full stack of them, no-one else had seemed to buy one before.
    I got home and again being a normal bloke l smothered the whole tube over my bits.
    As others have mentioned, the first minute or so is actually very good, l felt very much how a nice hotdog must feel.
    Then it got hotter and hotter and even hotter, my 2 veg vanished for their own protection and ''Percy'' turned a almost beautiful shade of deep purple. The good thing was that my little friends got the heck out of there, some using Percy as a tiny ( by then ) gangplank, was very much like rats leaving a sinking ship.
    I cannot describe the pain l felt, the closest l can come is a huge toothache....but a hot toothache, that's if your tooth was floppy and you were drinking battery acid, it hurt so bad it made the time l at on a wasps nest seem trivial, the bad thing is now its gone l kinda miss it.
    Fear not my friends, l soon discovered that ''Dannon'' yogurt ( Peach if possible ) along with that squirty cream works great as a relief, though you keep having to put more on every 20 minutes or so, as a bonus it smells pretty nice as well.
    Wonderful product, removes hair and also gets rid of unwanted visitors. 5 stars from me and l will buy again
  • Minkiemink "Joe shopper" - Just What I was Looking For! Something To Cut It Off With!Oh MY! This is just perfection in a hand-held slicing device. One just sticks the thing in and in a trice....snip snip snip! Wowie. Why I ever used a knife before is beyond me. I mean really, its the the perfect size for Al to use for himself and our boys Gunnnarr, Mackx, And'rew,& Cohdee? Well my daughter Pheebie-Jaiyne says she'd be happy to show the boys just how fast this thing can cut. She says she can't wait to try it out with them. For whatever reason the boys chose the week this slicer arrived to take an extended camping trip to the Ozarks. The slicer seems to have somehow disappeared along with them. Lucky for them I was so crazy about this I bought two!