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  • Stephen D. Feist "tailu66" - Been looking for a shoe that has a comfortable fit with styleMy feet are hard to please.
    I'v had a few injuries over the years and I need a comfortable shoe that supports my feet and ankles.
    Thats why the only shoe thats been right for my feet is a Rockport Tour Classic.
    But lets face it, its not the dressy shoe; These shoes have solved that for me.
    A nice looking shoe that is streamlined and makes my feet look good, not to big for a size 11m.
    The leather looks like a natural top grain, I was impressed right away opening the box.
    The soles have a semi traction pattern that should grip in slippery surfaces.
    I still get a feeling of cushion when walking.
    For me this was a great buy; it was even less for Cyber Monday and Prime 2 day shipping, Yeah!
    These are not going back!
  • Nicole J. Talbot - Missing Component in Nutrition ScienceAs a physician I was never taught about nutrition or weight loss. Everyday I am confronted with patient after patient describing their frustration and confusion over how to lose weight and I feel helpless. I try to guide them but every person had different results, or no results. I started to realize there was no one "diet" that fits everyone because we are all unique. That was when I read Lyn-Genet's article in a magazine and from a medical stand point it made total sense, it is the missing component in nutrition science.

    Figuring out what foods I react to and cutting them out of my diet has transformed my health and my body. This has been life changing experience and I will never look at food the same way.

    I am thrilled to have another medical tool to help patients manage and eliminate their chronic conditions such as migraines/arthritis/depression.

    ~ Nicole Talbot D.O. - Board Certified Family Medicine
  • Lisa Saxon - Just as nice as the Magic BullettI love the Nutri Bullet. I had already ordered and received the magic bullet (which I love) but wanted something that could handle the heavier blending needs; the Nutri Bullet is perfect. I use this almost every day and the quality of this machine is great. I would recommend this to anyone who uses a blender. This is so much easier.
  • calamityjane35 - Compact and portableI like that the Inglesina takes up so much less space than our regular high chair. Yes, you do have to take it apart and wash it once in a while, but most of the time the fabric wipes clean fairly easily. It is also easy and fast to detach and attach to a table. Like others I would recommend the Summer Infant Tiny Diner placemat to go with this to keep lots of food from falling to the floor.