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Country: Europe, AT, Austria

  • Roy in Md - Highly RecommendAs a novice stamp collector this is a must have book. When I start a hobby I go all out and this book has proven to be an exhaustive resource for US stamp collecting; from stamp hobby introductory topics to current stamp values to stamp identification it covers all the bases. Highly recommended!
  • Mary B EBerly - Finally! Something that workedI just finished reading a couple of reviews about Exposed. Frankly, I disagree with several of the reviews. I have been a user of Exposed skin care for over 4 years . . . since June of 2007. Following the Exposed treatment has truly been a blessing for me. I have had acne and boils for much of my adult life. So, like many individuals, I first went to a dermatologist. I've used internal prescription products, such as tetracycline in addition to Retin-A of various strengths during my 20s . . . only to have my skin be horribly irritated, dry, and red. In fact, because it itched, I think I probably made the acne worse. I've also done microdermabrasion and used very expensive skin care products. I tried several drug store variety over-the-counter products. . . nothing. I happened upon the Exposed Skin Care products while doing an online search. So, I tried it, especially since they offered a life-time guarantee. The instructions indicated that my skin might break out more approximately 6 weeks into the treatment, after which my skin was to show improvement. I did break out, but did I show improvement thereafter? OMG!! ABSOLUTELY!!! Amazingly WONDERFUL improvement. I couldn't believe it. I've tried using some other products (Murad, Dermalogica) in these past few years because I could buy them in a store. However, each time I started using alternatives, I would break out, again. So, I'm back to using Exposed. In terms of cost, Exposed is comparable to Murad or Dermalogica. So, it is more expensive than drug store cleansers and acne treatments, but for me it has been well worth it! I'm to the point where I am no longer embarrassed of my skin. It is smooth and acne free. Thank you, Exposed!
  • Nicole - I use this nightlyI use this nightly -for almost 3 months. After a good wash with Estee Lauder's pink Soft Wash (gets all the makeup off) I can honestly report fine lines around my eyes almost gone. Scar on my forehead since I was 25-almost gone. Lines above my lips-gone!! Texture is very rich and thick- but melts into the skin rather quickly leaving a nice flow - not a grandma cold cream nightmare!! Yes, it's hideously expensive! But wow, it's sooooo nice to wakeup and not look like a greaseball :)