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  • Believer in the American Dream - Wonderful sharing of what it means to be a true survivorThank you Ping for your open and honest memoir of your life that was filled with peaks and valleys. We read your book for our Book Club and there was a wonderful and lively discussion about the amazing strength of the human spirit and you certainly epitomized showed that in your story. I totally agree with you that the American Dream is alive and well and I loved that you grabbed the "golden ring" and ran with it. Thank you for all you taught me about the Cultural Revolution [which I believed to be probably worse than you shared]and what it was like to be in China during that period of their history. May you continue to touch the lives of many through your inspirational book... Bend, Not Break. I highly recommend this book for Book Club reading.... it was an honor to meet you and hear your amazing "voice" through your writing. Thank YOU!
  • dream factory - A Hot Little BookI mean hot full of quick hard facts about all the infections your gonna meet in my ER. Some heavyweights come in early (2am) and often. So you get to know you ABX drug of choice pretty well of things like peritonitis, cholangitis, meningitis, cellulitis, NH pneumonia.

    But what's new with those weird things that don't come around often enough to be carved into your cerebrum? Like neo fever, botulism, human bites, mastoiditis, immune compromised infections, HIV hepatitis.

    Keep this little pocket book handy and you'll learn quick enough to stay afloat down here. The Sanford guide is a complicated dinosaur, the pharmacopeia is too dinky. Pull those rags out during morning rounds and you'll be eating them for breakfast. If we have time.

    What I'm getting at; this is the book for ER ID rounds. . . . Ok sure it doesn't have the newest doc for c. Diff (Dificid) or Teflaro or Xerese. But any med book is already outdated the day it's printed. Anyway stay away from that new stuff till it's been tested on the human heard by our learned ID colleagues upstairs.

    Ok, get some sleep. Bring your Ritalin. And don't you dare be late. The unit secretary will literally shoot you, then I'll have to sew you up.

    And don't lean on them walls, you are doctors now, not scarecrows!!
  • violetmeade - Headphone jack: BRILLIANT!Having killed my T.V. due to lack of decent content/exorbitant cost of cable, I was very excited to get a Roku so we could watch Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime. I've been very happy with this product and ease of use, but my favorite part is the headphone jack. Our TV is right next to the kitchen, and with hardwood floors, it gets way too noisy for anyone trying to watch in the den if anyone else is working in the busiest room of the house.

    The headphone jack has really been a relationship saver! I can plug in, turn up the volume and tell those darn kids to get busy unloading the dishwasher! Oh yeah, and get Mommy another glass of wine!