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  • Jodie Groton, CT - Would definitely get another Char BroilI must start by saying that this is my first grill so I don't have much experience with variety. We use our CharBroil Infrared quite a bit and have had it now for four years. The first two years we were vigilant with cleaning and covering, however the third year it was left uncovered and snowed on all winter and was subject to salt spray (we live on the coast). It started to rust on the inside by springtime. Finally it rusted so bad that it started cooking unevenly so last week we purchased the "refresher kit" for $70. It replaced the majority of the innards. After replacing the grates, pans, and a couple of other parts that came with the kit. The grill is brand new again and we expect to get at least a couple of more years from it. We would definitely go with this brand and model again, maybe next time around be a little more consistent with covering and oiling.
  • Deborah "Books, Movies and Chinese Food" - A Dekker novel women will enjoyShauna McCallister has woken up from a coma with no memory of how she got there. The last six months have been erased from her mind. Friends and family say that she was in a car accident that left her brother severely brain damaged and that she had been hoarding drugs in her apartment. Her father is running for President and cannot deal with any scandal tainting his name. Therefore her stepmother wants Shauna having nothing to do with them during the campaign blaming her for everything. However things aren't beginning to add up and soon Shauna starts being suspicious. Then she discovers that she's gained a power that could solve the mystery behind her past.

    Every Ted Dekker book is an adventure to read and this one is no exception. This book is so unlike most of Dekker's other novels. I would say this falls more along the suspense/romance like Blink of an Eye. There's a great female lead and the plot is very well written and draws the reader in immediately. The story starts off a little slow but it mirrors exactly what Shauna herself is going through. All the details are hazy as both the reader and Shauna tries to figure out what has happened to her. I think Shauna's new "power" after accident was portrayed very well. It would be an interesting development in the world if it every truly happened. There are characters in this book that you just want to slap in the face. Evil stepmothers still strike fear in people especially when political is at stake. I really feel sad to read stories where the father is blind to his new wife's abuse of his own children. There's talk about underlying issues about corrupt politics and human trafficking that are background topics in the book. However they do bring to light attention to these issues which are very important. While this book has Christian authors, one could say this isn't really a Christian novel. I didn't find it preachy at all and there's no unrealistic conversion scenes. It would be a great book to pass along to fans of the romantic suspense genre and it opens up doors for more female readers to become fans of Dekker. Ted Dekker is one of my favorite authors so I had no doubt this book would be great. Erin Healy shows great promise as a new writer. I will be looking forward to their next joint offering in the future.
  • Edwin L. Hiatt, M.D. - Best available.Whether you are preparing for ACLS certification or simply reviewing, ACLS - 2013 - ePub is the best resource available. If you've used Dr. Grauer's "Pocket Brain" books before, you'll like the ePub version even more- color illustrations, links enabling immediate information retrieval, and instant search functionality. It just keeps getting better.
  • Patrick Perdu - What you need to knowI have had this lens for over a year and regularly shoot with it. Here is what you will want to know.
    (+) denotes a pro, (-) denotes a con and (~) denotes ambivalent remarks.

    (+) This lens will only work on a Canon crop sensor body (all the rebels, 20D, 40D, 60D etc all the way up to and including the excellent 7D which I use this lens with).
    Why do I mark that a (+)?
    Crop sensor bodies naturally look like zoomed in naturally because they only record the center of the image created by a full-frame lens. On the other hand, full-frame lenses need to have their full image quality (IQ) over the whole full frame sensor, while the crop sensor cameras just don't care about that extra picture.
    I chalk it as a plus because Canon could create a really wide angle lens that only generates the picture that will be recorded by a crop sensor camera, solving the crop sensor / wide angle issue.
    Unfortunately this means that if you could use the lens on a full frame, the image would not cover the whole sensor. Because of that it will not mount on full frame bodies and canon could not call it a L lens.

    (+) This is a very wide angle lens - best for landscape, architecture (more on that below) and sports from up close but NOT FOR PROTRAIT and certainly not for getting the glitter in the eye of a raven half a mile away.
    I shot a picture from above the corner of a rectangular table and I got both side appearing almost parallel to the frame sides. This means an angle of field of about 90 degrees. This might not seem impressive but this is HUGE when you think the lens is rectilinear (more on that below).

    (++) Excellent (excellent!!) optic quality. Performances seem to me very comparable with the EF 16-35 L IS USM used on a full-frame sensor (6D and above). The 16-35 goes for $1700 and of course is f/2.8.
    Most people agree that the IQ is fantastic and Canon all but admitted that they would have called it a L-series lens had it been compatible with full-frame bodies.

    (+) The lens is reasonably fast: f/3.5 at 10mm and f/4.5 at 22mm. This might not sound very fast but the rule of thumb says you can shoot hand-held at 1s/focal distance, i.e. down to about 1s/15 at 10mm (counting in the crop sensor factor).

    (~) No image Stabilizer (IS).
    The reality is: at such wide angles you can hand-hold at such low speeds already that the IS would have to move the elements very far to compensate for very low frequency oscillations.
    Event the $1700 16-35 has no IS and no-one thinks the worse for it.
    At least you won't forget to switch the IS off when shooting from a tripod.

    (~) The maximum aperture varies with the focal distance: f/3.5 when very wide angle, down to f/4.5 when merely wide angle. This means that you cannot set your camera in manual, measure your light and then shoot away.
    This is most likely not going to be a major issue for most uses and even for most users. As soon as you use anything but the fully manual mode (or bulb) this is a non-problem.

    (+) This is not a fisheye; it is a rectilinear lens, i.e. NO BARREL DISTORTION. This means that a straight line in the real world will appear as a straight line on the picture. This makes it a prima facie excellent choice for architecture work.
    However beware: when shooting groups of people, the faces on the sides of the picture will appear elongated. This does not mean you can't use the lens for group shots (I do), but I find myself adding some barrel distortion in post-processing for the people on the side to look normal. Any reasonable software will do that (dark table, lightroom, photoshop elements, aperture etc.).
    Again, for shooting architecture this is fan-tas-tic.

    All in all
    This is NOT a walk around lens.
    If you don't do much landscape or architecture you might not need that lens but really this is you decision. If you don't know, try one in a store or better borrow or rent one for a day. Then you will know.
    I bought it here on Amazon for about $760 and I would buy it again at that same price immediately if I lost it. At the current $600 sticker, I think it is really worth it.