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  • Philologus - warm, lesbian medical romance at its bestThis is a wonderful, well-put together romance by radclyffe. It's a medical romance and as a former surgeon radclyffe makes all the medical aspects very life-like and convincing. Esp. the first two chapters are fun when she outlines the two main characters and sets them on their collision course to what will be ultimately a happy end. The road to this conclusion is bumpy, sweet, convincing and all what a romance reader may want. And the kids, esp. Callie are great to have - I esp. loved the little talk about birds, bees, girls and boys with Arly.
    Readers will meet again some well-loved characters of previous romances, esp. Honor Blake and Quinn of Fated Love, Jett, Linda, Robin etc. -- this is always an added bonus, but the romance can be well read as a stand-alone.
    Some of the settings and the way how the romance evolves remind me of Fated Love, but the whole romance is well worth between four and five stars. Good job!
  • - I have my life backI don't know where to begin. Let me start by saying that it would be a very fair statement to say that Crohn's disease had highjacked my life. I have always been very ambitious and very motivated. After 10 years of battling CD, I was more ready to give up after this last flare than at any other point in my life. Living in constant fear of the next big flare, my life was in a state of suspended animation. I put of applying to grad schools, i refused to get in any relationships, i refused to put any real effort into anything I did -- all b/c I thought to myself, "what's the point. The next big flare will set me back and undo my efforts." Then the flare came. I was already on steroids, 6mp, Asacol, and was eating healthier. Although I showed some initial improvement with the prednisone, I started getting bloody BMs. Then the rate increased. Then it got to the point where I was having 10-20 pure blood BMs a day and not eating. MY best friend noticed and I confided in him my situation. He basically convinced me to go the doctor. Had I waited any longer, I would probably not be here. My GI started preparing me for the psychological impact of losing my colon. Honestly, I told him that I would rather be dead and that I wouldn't go to the hospital. He basically bribed me with a very high dose of demerol and other goodies to go in and get IVs, both of fluids and of steroids. So, I did. He was very concerned and said that the only other possibility was that it was a rare bacterial infection called C. Diff. Luckily, I did in fact have C. Diff. A month before, I had started the SCD diet (_Breaking the Vicious Cycle_) and signed up for their listserv. I should have paid closer attention b/c they mention that many people develop C. Diff. when they first start the diet. Basically, proponents of the SCDiet argue that IBD (and many other ailments) are caused by bacteria. These bacteria feed on complex sugars. By cutting off their supply of food, and starving them into submission, your symptoms gradually decrease and your disease goes into remission. I've known of the diet for years, but never really bought into their theory or was desperate enough to try it (i'm only 22). Then, I met someone who had basically rid themselves of the shackles of IBD with this diet. Combined with the fact that I realized that conventional medicines weren't cracking it for me, I tried the diet. It was hard at first. I didn't mind so much that the diet cut out starches like rice and potatoes or complex carbs like bread, but it was really hard to cut out processed foods. Eating out is a pain, but well worth my new found health. Most people see results within a couple weeks, if not days. It took me three months. It had been probably 10 years since I had had a normal BM without prednisone. You don't know how happy I am to report that I am not only medication free but also have NORMAL bowel movements!!! I have my life back. I am easing back into the grove, and I'm still very cautious and guarded. But, I have picked up applications to grad school, have started a rigorous exercise regime, sleep a lot less, feel a lot better, have starting dating again, have starting working again, and have started looking to the future again. So, to anyone out their wanting to regain your health and are willing to try something different, I suggest trying the SCD. If you are around the same age as me (i'm 22), and need somone to motivate you, email me at safacles@hotmail.com. It's worth it. If I can do it, anyone can do it.
  • Northern Shore Rapper - Really long artsy songsThis is the most underated Floyd album and maybe one the most underated albums of all time. It gets better with more listens instead of worse(like The Wall becomes annoying). This album is right up htere with Dark Side and Wish You Were Here. This album reminds very much of classical music, because much of it os instrumental and no song is based on some catchy repetitive hook (which dominates music today). Listen to it a few times before judging it, you'll thank yourself later. Musically as far as Floyd albums go, this album is the opposite of the Final Cut,(minimal synth, little guitar, and very vocally driven), and and lyrically just as good.
  • Karie - Works for Dry skin too!!!My skin is so dry that regular liquid foundation peels off my face in large flakes. So I stopped wearing foundation until I found bare minerals. It covers very nice and it feels like I am not wearing any make-up at all. For dry skin I would recommend using the prime-time primer or skin rever upper 5 to 10 minutes before putting on the powder. It adds just the right amount of moisture. And for blemishes I love the rare minerals blemish therapy. It is tinted and cleared up my blemishes in only a few days.

    I used to get mad because there were parabens in this product but the last set I bought no longer had them so that is a +.
  • wishee pots - marriage saverI was eating brunch with my girlfriend while our kids were playing and was telling her about my marriage issues. My husband and I are always at odds because he says I'm too sensitive, and I think he doesn't recognize that I have other needs. She recommended marital aides. I can't believe I didn't think of that! I went right home and went straight to Amazon, because they have EVERYTHING, and I found these pens! What a life saver! My husband thinks I'm a new woman! No longer do I get hand cramps while writing recipes and grocery lists! I'm not "too sensitive" because I feel like these pens were made just for my dainty lady hands! No more bruises on my tiny fingers! These pens saved my marriage!