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  • James Guilford - Favorite Astronomy CalendarThis is my favorite astronomy calendar. It is richly illustrated with photographs, not only of deep space objects, but also from our solar system and space phenomena seen from Earth. Astronomical events of note are printed in the appropriate date blocks. Two hanging holes help prevent curling. I buy this Astronomy calendar every year!
  • Ken Thayer - Was wary but am very pleased with Windows 8With all the 1-star ratings, I wasn't enthusiastic about getting Windows 8.

    I have never used a tablet or smart phone of any kind so I thought Win 8 would be terrible for someone with only desktop PC, keyboard and mouse. But what a surprise, after only 10 minutes of familiaring myself with the new OS (hint to desktop users: get to know the 4 corners of the screen and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to 'slide' to the hidden content), I am quite happy with the upgrade. Win 8 has a beautiful interface and it can do everything that I ever needed on Windows 7. So if you like Windows 7, you still can use the PC practically the same way as with Win 7.
  • Kelly - Hormone imbalance and thyroid diseaseAfter the birth of my second child I did not feel normal. I was having issues with anxiety and short-term memory loss. I thought it was just my postpartum hormones and that they would settle down soon. After 8 weeks of not feeling any better, I knew I needed help. Of course I wanted to lose my baby weight, but more importantly I was very uncomfortable with how I felt. After a little research, I stumbled upon an article about Lyn-Genet Recitas and The Plan. I immediately signed up for a consult and began my journey on The Plan. She worked with me on identifying both the foods to eat and the foods to stay away from, which is dependent on my unique body chemistry. Most importantly, The Plan helped me uncover that I have thyroid disease, which was causing my anxiety and short-term memory loss. In addition, I was able to identify which foods triggered my eczema and when I eliminated them from my diet I was eczema free - and still am! I remember sitting in a dermatologist office many years ago and the doctor quickly wrote me a prescription for an ointment to put on my eczema. Fortunately, I never filled it and now I know I will never need it! I have been living as a "Planner" for 9 months and have never felt better. Oh, and all of my baby weight is gone and I am 2 sizes smaller than my PRE-pregnancy size. I am blessed to know Lyn-Genet. She is simply brilliant!