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  • John D. Biggs - I borrowed it and then bought my own copy.The repeated opening phrase and closing benediction provide a constantness in the daily prayer rhythm that I have grown to really like. I also like the inclusion of a hymn suggestion. The fact they provide a simple songbook in this resource is really thoughtful. The references and quotes related to ancient and contemporary people and situations help my prayer time from becoming a "it's just about me and you, Lord." Through the songs, scripture and readings, I am both comforted and challenged. I like this book!
  • Pia S "Pia S" - Makes waiting so much easierI got this after my old kindle died and I really liked it as long as I had it. Only I did not have it for very long as my daughter saw it and she loved it so I ended up giving it to her. My daughter is 12 years old and love to watch movies, play games etc on this kindle. It is a great size for her, big enough that she can see her movies and games but not to big to bring with her. This has been great going on trips in the car, visiting friends or waiting at the doctors office, she can bring it with her and there is no complaining because she has to wait. Also if we want to just have a nice quiet time together and read a book its right there.
  • Ben "Ben" - Some Of The People who reviewed this CD are way offI read all the 1-star reviews for this cd and all i can say is how off guard they were most of them went on how it was "Hip" to have it in high school but its nothing more than teenage music that should be forgotten....or another review said that this is the Roger Waters Show which i think is quite funny because i feel that this is Pink Floyds Finest Masterpiece this band deserves all they have anyways get this cd it may be pricy but its worth it my favorite songs are "Hey You" "Run Like Hell" "Young Lust" and much more
  • Harry Remshard - So simple grandparents can do it....WiFi Baby (WFB2013) is awesome. We're technologically challenged grandparents, but found the internal Wi-Fi setup and use of the recommended app very easy. Establishing the external connection was a little more challenging and required an online appointment with technical support, but from the reviews I anticipated that would be necessary. The technical service appointment, however, was easy to schedule and the tech was right on time. One of the best customer service appointments I've had with any product.

    My Technical Representative was Eric. He was extremely patient and his instructions very clear. We did not do screenshare because of technical issues with the connection, but he was able to verbally walk me through the setup process in minutes.

    I highly recommend this product. It is exactly what we wanted. The product works flawlessly including my daughter's ability to connect remotely to view her sleeping infant while we're babysitting. Picture and sound quality are great with very little delay.
  • Angela A - McAfee Total Protection '12 software- Received exactly what I expected; way cheaper than expectedItem arrived on time. Packaging was good. McAfee software works fine. Easy to install. I use it on 1 PC and 2 laptops. It's cheaper to buy the software and install from CD, than it is to upgrade or renew every year with "Mcafee". That's the only weird part, but you get the same protection for a fraction of the cost by ordering the software from Amazon than from "their" Website. I recommended this product to my family & friends.. :)