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  • ethan - The Way of the FutureWindows 8 brings a lot to the table. It supports more hardware than any platform on Earth, new input devices, and service-based applications. For those people buying a new PC or tablet, Windows 8 absolutely makes sense. There are some people that don't like or don't understand what Windows 8 is up to. You'll be happy with a Windows 7 machine or a Windows 8 machine running the free Classic shell (although I think it's silly to buy a new computer with Windows 7 outside of the workplace).

    As always Windows thrives on the middle path. People and business that are skeptical of server centric application services can still use any native software they want to and at the same time use the cloud-based software that is really driving software these days.

    Like it or not, you should want MS to succeed in this endeavor. Your legacy software is going to continue to work but the innovations are not really going to happen on that platform except in very specific enterprise applications - and I think this will change before too long. Windows 8 is the most advanced and inclusive platform out there. You can make it do the work you want to do, the way you want to do it, on the hardware that makes sense to you.
  • Judy Knight - Loving my ipad mini!!!!Love it! Easy to work with and will not buy anything else after trying a Surface tablet too. Just ordered another one for my husband.
  • KY2013 - Great Product!I have ALWAYS been skeptical of 'seen on tv' products, and they have always failed for me. The PediSpin worked wonderfully. I didn't need to apply much pressure at all for my feet, and after using it for two minutes, my heels are very smooth after one use and feel as if I have just had a pedicure! No complaints here!