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  • amie schilson - love the plan!This makes so much sense and puts you back in control. I think of it as daily science experiment to figure out which foods are friendly for me. I'm eating a lot more calories, but feeling great and becoming more lean. Tons of vegetables, some fruits, nuts and seeds make up a good percentage, but I also have cheese, chocolate and red wine daily. And bread and rice often. Such valuable information. Cheers to Lyn-Genet!
  • - Ideal for IBS too!The problem with IBS is that we never seem to get a straight diagnosis or treatment. This book will help you make sense of why you are having problems and what you can do to get rid of those problems!!!!!! I felt better within weeks; following this diet has gotten rid of problems that medications couldn't touch. i had eliminated so much from my diet before SCD, and it seemed like more and more foods kept getting added to my "do not eat" list. Lots of these were vegetables, high calcium and vitamin sources!!! Now i live grain free and I am starting to eat many of those green vegetables with no trouble. LOVE THIS LIFE!!!!!!!
  • Allison - Gorgeous manifestation of an amazing projectThe HONY book is here at last! I got mine in the mail yesterday, and then promptly ordered 2 more copies for Christmas presents. It's the most beautiful book of photography I've ever seen. It will:

    -Make you laugh
    -Make you cry
    -Restore your faith in peoples inherent goodness
  • Grandpa Joe - Bookkeeping SoftwareI have been please with intuit products and have used them for years. I think Quick books is easier to use than Quicken and is much more flexible. It is easier for those of us who learned bookkeepingQuickBooks Pro 2012 using pen and spreadsheet paper.
    Amazon did a great job of getting me the product and it came as promised in the manufactures original packaging.
  • Barbara B. - rapids ride of hopeTied in and helmet fastened, this trip among the more simple profound truths of spirituality re-membered moves at light-speed; it feels familiar and newly energized with examples of tragedies made whole and of good action persistence. Lamott has a handle on the Light in dark experience and the importance of help, asked for, and offered without being asked. She's lovely and her new work is as well.