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  • Robert H. Poirier - Moving to the Center of the Bed, author Sheila WeinsteinThere is no reason to move to the center of the bed if it is a place where your thoughts, emotions and your life has been centered for many years unless it is gradually stripped away from you by strange and almost incomprehensible forces. This is a story of personal survival after the reliable center of gravity of that bed is blind-sided with the death of a beloved spouse due to a rare neurological disorder known as Pick's disease. For all caregivers of Alzheimer's, dementia patients and those who fear its possibilities get this profoundly uplifting read as soon as you can. The loss of a beloved spouse is always traumatic, but it becomes magnified especially if you are living a successful life filled with love and supreme accomplishment. This was the life of Sheila, her children and her late husband George Weinstein MD., one of the 20th century's most successful, brilliant and respected ophthalmologists. The next time you want to curl up on a three hour flight to a better place, grab this book with the beautiful pink rose and white linen cover and enter a world that will leave you simply stunned with the author's ability to take you along a journey maybe you would not have the courage to go on alone. Together with the author, the pages will fly as you share the struggles, betrayals and personal heartbreaks as the lightning bolts of fate tear apart the very fabric of the author's idyllic life. The author takes the reader from the pinnacles of her husband's professional academic respect to dismal clinical places that seem cruel and ironic and yet Weinstein and her inspirational story triumphs over them with love and determination. This book is not for the faint of heart, and if you shed a few tears, ask your best friend or flight attendant for a glass of wine and toast a real life heroine.To find out what Sheila did to help her husband and to save herself, alone with only her family and the will to survive, just close your eyes and listen to the piano in the background. It is Weinstein playing a classical piano piece. It is a concerto of survival with the author as conductor and composer. It is Carnegie Hall. It is the music of love, life, courage and survival. It is what docents do to help others triumph. If you do not know what they do I would suggest you get this book even if you are not on a plane and are curled up under the covers and it is 10 below. I assure you that when you wake up the next day, it will be sunny and if not, you will make it that way. After reading Moving to the Center of the Bed that's what Sheila Weinstein would want you to do. When you read this book you will join her heart in the center of a bed filled with all her other readers and face tomorrow with a new and brighter outlook on the world. Once you read this book, you will hear the author's music forever and maybe you will play some of your own. Robert Poirier M.D.


    in spades. From the shock of when the neurologist's diagnosis of Pick's disease is given to her husband and her acceptance of his inevitable death she catapults the reader on a journey of what that means for the author, her family, and her personal survival. This personal transformational odyssey forms the the foundation of a confrontation with the traditional medical world, of which her husband was a renowned world class leader and her own personal survival, to the moment of her son's marriage and an inspired personal letter to her youngest daughter.
  • LovetheGame - Depends on your lifestyle if this will work for you or not.This is the first time I tried this product. I lost 6 lbs in the first 3 weeks taking 9 pills a day. 3am, 3mid, 3pm. They give me energy, help my cravings, but if I don't take the full amount, or if I have a bad cheat week with my diet, the weight can come back on. I think this mainly helps with water weight. My body fat percentage did go down slightly but so did my muscle weight. Overall, if you are eating well and drinking water, it can help, but its not a miracle pill. If you eat crap, it's not going to make your fat disappear. As long as you go in knowing this, you will be happy with the product. Also, pay attention as these are 500mg capsules, and it takes a minimum of 1500mg a day for effects, and they recommend 3500-4500 mg a day for best results. This bottle will go fast. Make sure you get one that is 60% HCA and is Pure Extract for the best results. You can save money if you get the 1500mg capsules as you only need 3 a day as opposed to 6 or 9.
  • De Bramhall - This one Does Work!Now, first and foremost-this is the 'only product' I have used that actually works.
    Read and Follow The Directions Carefully! This is a step-by-step process to use.
    I had skin tags under my breasts where my bra rubbed and a few here and there. I used this product following the directions. It does burn I won't sugar coat that fact-but-it also works.
    Happily I can say, I used it a year ago and the skin tags Have Not Come Back!
    They are gone. Now I haven't the faintest idea if they'll be back at some point but they are gone and haven't resurfaced. I also had a very large mole on my back that I treated. It took several treatments-but-it's gone also.
    I would highly recommend this product!
  • Midwest Book Review - A highly recommended pick for any student taking the advanced placement examsGMAT PREMIER 2011 provides a fine test preparation guide packed with invaluable details, from a practice test and its detailed answer explanations to strategies for raising scores, an extensive online companion, and a CD holding 18 practice tests and four computer-adaptive tests. Expert instructors share their insider tips for top results! The GRE PREMIER 2011 offers a similar format, pairing a book packed with practice questions and strategies with tips for success and an online companion paired with a CD. Both are highly recommended picks for any student taking the advanced placement exams.