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  • nicole - Well Worth It!I researched several strollers before deciding on the B-Agile. I am so happy with my decision. The first thing I did when it arrived was pull it out of the box and give the buckle a try. That was the only complaint that I had read on all its reviews. I was happy to discovered that with the right combo of hold of the buckle and press of the button, its actually not as hard as described by others. And it actually gives me piece of mind that my daughter will not be able to release herself from the stroller. Amazon's price was the best I found, and who can beat next day delivery?!
  • JaySten - A great alternative to Panasonic's glassesAfter a couple of years, the pair of glasses that came with our 2010 Panasonic Viera 3D plasma broke. First the battery cover stopped staying on (and it's required because it's a button cell battery), so we had to tape that shut. Then somehow the somewhat flimsy frame's plastic also broke, making them just about impossible to wear.
    We bought these glasses as a replacement, and they have significant benefits over the Panasonic pair:
    - They recharge via USB (no need to replace batteries often)
    - They are easier to tell if they're on (nice blue LED in an inconspicuous location)
    - They sync to the TV much faster than the Panasonic ones, in my experience
    They seem to reproduce the 3D effect just as well as the Panasonics too.
    As far as cons go... they look more normal than the Panasonic ones, but that could be a pro or a con. I haven't worn them for very long periods either, so I can't say which one is more comfortable for long-term viewing, but I often don't watch 3D content in long runs, so for my usage it's not a huge deal. I also don't wear glasses normally, so I can't tell you how well these fit over prescription glasses.
    Overall, I'm quite satisfied.
  • RODNEY WERLINGER - This a wonderful and easy GPS to use.I had a Different make GPS 3 years ago. We didn't use it because it was difficult to set up. So I used Map Quest for our trips. I bought this 2 weeks ago. My friends told me to get a Garmin. I researched this Garmin & decided to give it a try. Its a great product & very user friendly. My wife & I used it this last weekend on a trip to U.P. Mich. Very satisfied with this Garmin.
  • kyhunter01 - I Like NortonI like Norton Internet Security. I have been using it for many years and if I had one suggestion it would be to beef up the security against adware invasions. Norton has protected me several times through the years from very nasty viruses and worms, but I have used the free program Adaware to find adware invasions that Norton missed.
  • Shaun - Quicken Will Maker PlusQuicken Will Maker Plus does more than just help you make your will. It comes with a book called "The Legal answer book for families" It covers Divorce, tax breaks, name change, ect. I tried makeing a will and the progam walks you through it. When I put the disk in my computer the screen didn't display for downloading. I went into my computer found the cd drive, and then saw that Quicken WillMaker was in it. I think I right klicked on it and then went to the bottom, 4th one down opened from there and it walked you through it no problem for installing. I hope that saves you some time if it doesn't open for you. I think this is a great progam to have. To pay a lawyer to make a will can be very expensive.