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  • kevin - Truly terrific Operating SystemWindows 8 Pro is an amazing operating system. It does everything I need (except play old DOS games and old 16-bit programs). Much more user friendly than previous Windows operating systems. A technical leap forward. Has all the benefits of Windows 7 plus the great user friendly enhancements of Windows 8.

    Plus for only $78, you can't go wrong.
  • Ms Winston - Excellent Tool for Life EventsA few years ago I paid an attorney almost $400.00 to draft my will. Recently, I decided I wanted to make some minor changes and discovered that it would cost me at least $150.00 in fees to do so. WillMaker Plus was the answer! The software was easy to load, I found the instructions to be very easy, and the 2013 version had the updated information for my state. In addition,I could take my time to do medical directives, instead of feeling pressured to make quick decisions prior to surgery, which happened to me earlier this year. There is also access to setting up a living trust, which normally entails an additional cost. I find this entire process to be easy and painless. If you have a pretty straight-forward will, the obvious cost savings in purchasing Willmaker Plus over seeing an attorney will soon become obvious -- I highly recommend the package.
  • Jill C. - A Book You'll Read and ReReadThis is a love story, a travelogue, a scrapbook, a recipe book and a gift to everyone blessed to read it. Susan Branch is an artist in many, many ways, and this book is chock full of her gifts to us all. Her drawings are as charming as ever. The details of her relationship with Joe are very sweet, though be careful or you might fall in love with him - he's clearly taken but oh, so charming! And oh, the places they go! You'll find yourself wanting to see them all. She's our eyes and ears as she shares all the details about the traveling on the Queen Mary 2,including what to bring ("bring it all!"), driving on the wrong side of the road (hilarious!), the villages, pubs, drinks and food, what it's like to be alone in Beatrix Potter's garden - all the things we've always wanted to know but could never find elsewhere. As she tells of her trip, she shares many of the things in life that are important to her. In doing so, she will touch your heart and reassure you that there are still what I call "hopeful" romantics left in the world, we are not alone! If you're looking for a delightful book to whisk you away from all your troubles (which is another one of Susan's gifts), to read and reread, one that will become a beloved treasure, this is definitely THE one. Susan, thank YOU so much for sharing so much of your heart with all of us!
  • whatisis - excellent parenting program even for RAD kidsI bought the disks and listened to them in the car. They were so good I listened twice (The only thing I didn't like is they kept slipping out of the folder.)

    I also signed up for the weekly emails and they are always worth reading.

    Called the help line once and there was a real person who helped me to calm down and think through a plan.

    I have started modifying my approach with my 3 kids and got immediate positive responses. It helped even with my son who has attachment disorder, which is saying alot.