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  • K. Schmidt - Not a Gimmic, It WorksFor years I thought this was a money making gimmic. I had computers with real registry problems and was really hoping one of these products worked. I was hesitant to try any of them. I saw this product was marketed by Symantec whom I trust. I bought it, used it, and was impressed. It works well. I have no complaints. All the computers I used it on are running much faster and smoother. I have had absolutely no problems. That said, my computers have no viruses on them. I noticed some reviews are not favorable and state their computer crashed after using this product. I suspect those computers had viruses on them. So, make sure your computer is virus free, before using and complaining about this product, because this product works well if your computer is virus free.
  • Glenn Austin - 2+ year old engaged and learning alphabet and numbers, 6 year old cousin wants one now!I wanted to get an ipad mini with a good bullet proof child's case because of the large number of apps rated down to 2 year olds, but calmer heads prevailed and this more appropriate tablet has been a huge hit