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  • StraightRight - Rosacea sufferers be warnedProduct might just be best in breed but I can't use it because i'm reacting badly to one or more of the ingredients in it. I have Rosacea, including occular rosacea in my right eye which really sucks when it flare up. I can keep it to near zero symptoms as long as I watch my diet (google Rosacea and diet if you have it) but if I eat badly for a few days I can suffer.

    I've been drinking this product off and on for two weeks with no other changes to my diet and i've been flaring up. I drank two shakes this weekend and woke up Monday morning with a near epic flare up. I'm not sure what ingredient in this RAW meal is causing this but this is a heads up to people who suffer from the same symptoms as I do. I was making the shakes with half coconut milk and half almond milk, neither of which make me react.

    Still giving it 5 stars because it's a high quality product and the taste is not bad. You're way better off drinking this than whey.
  • TTC#2 - Wow!!!!This is an amazing product. I usually like to keep things all natural and not have any kind of "medical" influence on my body, HOWEVER, my husband and I were having a hard time conceiving a second child after an early miscarriage several months ago so I decided to see if this product could at least regulate my very long cycles. I received the pills around day 26 of my cycle and began taking them right away, thinking it would help me get a period and start a new cycle quickly. That did not happen....instead, I actually ovulated about a week after starting the pills and 11 days after that I got a BFP!!!!! I just had my first OB appt a few days ago and the doc says everything is looking great and we even saw a heartbeat! I'm almost 7 weeks now and hoping everything continues to go well and I have a healthy pregnancy and baby :)
  • John K Susman - Great for quick clean-upsI have a unique situation... I have a parrot that drops feathers and dust, and slings seeds out of his cage. I needed a convenient, preferably cordless tool that I could use for quick clean-ups every day, and get it back out of sight without hassle. I've tried dust-buster and electric-broom type machines over the years, and they weren't powerful enough to pick up the seed (including things like shelled peanuts). This DC44 passes muster for me. It was more money than I wanted to pay, but it has a powered head, good suction, and the battery life (for my needs) is more than adequate. It pops off the charging mount and pops back on in an instant. No more winding cords nor stooping down to PICK-UP stuff even my full-size vacuum refuses to collect.