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  • Geoffrey - Artie Lange Kills it in Crash and Burn - The Sequel - Lange replaces Stern on SiriusTo be a true fan of Lange's you must have participated in his life to enjoy his humor. The private jet chapter as heinous as it would be to the average reader, is the funniest chapter I have ever read in a biography. I had to stop reading at least three times to catch my breadth and wipe the tears from uncontrollable laughter. He is a true comedic genius and lucky to have been able to survive and write about it! Keep em coming Artie - you are the best!!
  • Thomas D. Moran "Tom" - Well worth the moneyIt is not the newest design but it works like a champ. What is especially neat is the optional keyboard is a battery, greatly extending the life of the tablet. You cannot get internet access by cell phone as an option and it needs Wifi.
    The only down side is that for some reason the browser doesn't like certain web pages like The Daily Beast and it will just shut itself down.
    And, strangely, the tablet is so thin it is hard to get a case for it. There is a specially designed case for use with the tablet and also the keyboard. It's worth the money.
    Given the reduced costs, it's a good buy but you should get the optional keyboard and case.
  • L Peterson - Sweeper dry pads work great for getting hair and fibers off floorThe dry pads are amazing at getting hair and fibers off the floor. I live in a small apartment with spaces in the wood floor that catch everything and there is also construction going on outside our building that brings in a ton of dust and fiber. No matter how many times I sweep and mop, some hair and fibers manage to escape the broom and mop. The dry pad on the swiffer caught the hair and fibers, and I felt for once that the floors were actually clean, and my apartment feels much more livable.

    I would recommend this product for anyone with a similar problem cleaning hair and fibers. This is also a great timesaver, especially for cleaning bathroom floors and quick sweep jobs on hard floors. The swiffer is very lightweight and hardly feels like cleaning. However, unless you use it very regularly, I think that an actual sweep job might occasionally be necessary, as the swiffer does not have a dust pan, but binds the dirt to its pad.
  • Chris Hamburger "chambs" - Captain's LogStardate 43125. The Uranium Ore we purchased off has proven to be a great asset in our pursuit of Khan. The shipping was fast and easy especially for Prime Members. Unfortunately there wasn't enough money in the Enterprise Management account thanks to Spock's cocaine binges; i had to dip into my own pocket. It is all worth it as long as we capture this space villian!!

  • Rachel I - Best acne product thus farAs cliche as it may sound, I have tried many-an acne product. Most of the blemishes on my face are now scars from poking and scratching, mostly in frustration that nothing ever worked for me. However, since starting Exposed, my skin has cleared up significantly and has allowed me to use scar treatments- the acne will not interfere. It is a great product, and I love that they go deeper than just skin health: you have to eat right, drink water, exercise (but wash your face after!) and live a healthy lifestyle. It is not just about appearance; it is about health. Love this and have recommended it, and would a thousand times more.