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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Rebecca L. Neels - hard to put downthis book has 12 parts to it -

    part 1: mostly about the jackson 5 and diana ross
    part 2: mostly about the breaking up of the jackson 5
    part 3: mostly about the jacksons leaving motown
    part 4: mostly about michael's 1st "romance" with tatum, contract with CBS records, "the wiz" and "off the wall"
    part 5: mostly about michael's 1st nose job, "thriller", "billie jean" and "beat it" videos
    part 6: mostly about mj's commercial with pepsi, him meeting the president, the grammy awards
    part 7: mostly about how m bought the beatles songs, buying neverland, the rumors of the hyperbaric chamber and the elephant man
    part 8: mostly about michael's family tring to get him to go on tour with them
    part 9: mostly about jordie chandler
    part 10: mostly about michael's proposal to lisa marie, more about his accusers, how mj had to suffer ultimate hummiliation to proove his innocence
    part 11: mostly about the marriage of lisa marie with mj, how mj came to marry debbie rowe, michael becoming a daddy, the martin bashir documentary
    part 12: about the final years of mj's life

    this book gives a great picture of the business side of michael jackson and also how he didn't like certain aspects of touring.

    i cried at one part in chapter 11 when it had a scene where lisa marie and michael had been divorced for about 2 yrs, and she came back into his life to see how he was doing - they took a walk together and he hugged her and they kissed through his mask - he talked about how she was the love of his life.

    this is a book which was really hard for me to put down - loved the story-book way that it was told - very well done.
  • Harwa Frank - Anti-infective bibleDon't prescribe your next antibiotic without this! I love Sanford, discovered it in school. Will protect you in a court of law every day. Has great guides and rationales for when certain products are indicated. Includes the latest IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) guidelines and recommendations also. Medscape, Prescriber's Letter, and Medical Letter are great for updates until the next edition is published.
  • Lori Nyenhuis - Couldn't put it down!If you're reading this book for the sex, then you are missing out on the love story behind all of it. The more I read, the more I wanted them to fall in love and live happily ever after. But giving Mr. Grey a dark past was masterful! It just shows we're humans and not perfect. I couldn't wait to read the next.
  • Jana Taylor - powerful, easy to use.I got this before I had gotten my Pen Mouse and graphic tablet. Using this software with a regular mouse didn't have the results I wanted. But as soon as I hooked up the pen mouse when it came that made all the difference. So don't get this unless you have a pen mouse or you will not like the results.

    What I like:

    Easy to set up and use

    Controls are very intuitive. Took about an hour of messing around and I think I have 80% of the program features mastered.

    Great for the doodler, or even more serious artist. Has a "lighter" feel than photoshop or Gimp. I think this is easier to use out of the box.

    I highly recommend this program. I prefer it to Gimp and Photoshop mainly because it is easier for me to use. I am not a professional artist or graphic designer, I just like to do art as a hobby and I think this makes it so easy for me to do. As easy as pen and paper, and that is the key. It is not at all cumbersome.
  • Super Sassy - The BIC Cristal for Her not just for womenI have to say when I bought these pens I was afraid all my friends would call me a sissy boy. Well you know what I was right. But who cares. I am a man and I am proud to say I use the BIC Cristal for her. Now you might say "why did you buy a pen designed for her?" The simple answer is I wanted to get in touch with my feminine side. This pen did the trick. Now when I write in my diary I don't feel silly. I have to also say since I started using the BIC Cristal for her pen I have started menstruating. I know you might all think that is crazy but it is true. Now I understand all the crap my female friends have to deal with on a monthly basis. Like sore breasts, pain in my ovaries and lower back pain. These are all symptoms I am willing to deal with because this pen writes so damn smooth. It's like writing with butterfly wings. It's truly amazing. I now want to own a unicorn and sing folk songs. I recommend these pens to anyone male or female. They are the bees knees. Buy them before I get them all. I have found so many other uses for these wonderful pens. Such as a toothpick (I have a huge gap in my front teeth), a weapon just in case someone attacks me from behind, to scratch the inside of my ear and also to get all the lint out of my bellybutton. 5 stars all the way