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  • Sylvia Hawley - perfect size for single userSince I've never used Vitamax, I didn't know you could extract pulverize and use every single fiber in the fruit or veggies. Usually don't buy things off tv demostrations but this was something I thought I needed so I did. I LOVE it!! I think if I had a group to cook for, I'd rather go the Vitamax route but being on my own, this product has the added blessing of making NO MESS and NO WASTE. Drink it in the cup you make it in (adding handle) and rinse the cup and the blade and that's it.

    I was juicing and really unhappy with all the waste especially carrots though I can compost, I'm thinking there's lost nutrition. With this little dynamo, no waste, no mess, no lost nutrition.

    As other reviewers report, the Vitamax can do the same thing to larger amounts of food. This little gizmo also does not take up much counter space, is pretty cute, and works very well. I like the efficiency. Maybe it would work for two users okay. I'll surely use it for company and find out.
  • Murray Family - Saved my life too...I to have been a success story of this diet. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 2 months after my son was born (14 months ago) I was put on a ton of meds that didn't work, and was told diet had nothing to do with it. I was taking so many pills and enemas where beforehand I didn't even take aspirin. Just before I tried the meds that would prevent me from having more kids, I tried the diet. I am so thankful I did. It is hard to stick to, but I think that is mostly b/c I am pregnant again and craving. Yes, that's right, I got well enough to get pregnant again. If you have the willpower and you want to be well, it will happen. I have been eating this way for 5 months now, and for about the first 4 I was still having small, day long flares and giving up hope. But I told myself to stick with it for 6 months STRICT and I did. You have to modify things. Like I can't eat too much honey or fruit at one time (or actually too much of any one thing at a time), but you learn as you go. I can't say how thankful I am, and how lucky I feel to have come across this. Nor how thankful I am Elaine wrote this book. After 5 months I am pill and med free, only being healed by the diet. It's not 100% yet, but seeing where I came from, I have NO doubts.

    May she rest in the most beautiful peace for saving all of us.
  • Mrs Magoo - Real Person, Amazing ProductAfter the birth of our baby, I began fighting Ductal Candidiasis. There was not help to be found from doctors or midwives or any "professional." I was tired of taking round after round of prescription medication that did not work. I was about to give up breastfeeding because of this extremely painful malady. I launched out on my own desperate search to find relief. I found Three-lac and within 3 days, my symptoms were tolerable. Within 5 they were totally gone. I thought....if three is good, why not try 5? I ordered FiveLac and it came THE NEXT DAY. It continues to keep my symptoms at bay and allows me to feed my baby the way I want to. Thank goodness for these products. I am a real person, I had a real problem and These products REALLY WORK! Don't mess around. Get it and try it and feel better NOW!
  • Alex Garcia - Love My New Glasses!Soooo glad I purchased these frames- I feel they really compliment my face as well as my personality and I have received nothing but positive reviews and compliments from friends in colleagues. I've already recommended the seller to some co-workers who are also looking in purchasing some new eye ware in the near future.
  • Marie Lloyd - The best spray!We had a bad flea problem and tried a lot of other spays on the market but they didn't work very well.You will also have to use medication for your pets that stop the flea breeding cycle which we had already started and then I bought this spray and it killed the fleas on contact! Even after we got rid of the fleas, we still spray this on carpets, pet bedding and furniture in the warmer months just in case some get in! Yes, I recomment this product!