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  • Dezzy - Life savingI really hope this product never gets taken off the shelf because this product has saved my life- please buy this product n tell your friends-!I never like wearing shirts with sleeves because I also had wet stains around my pits even in winter- I'm only 23 I'm pretty n luckily very few people have ever noticed how sweaty I get - at least if they did notice I never found out! I get excited I sweat. I get nervous I sweat. I do anything but sit in a air conditioned room watching tv I will start to sweat. So I found this product and after the second application I have my sweat at all :) no more wet shirts - no more not raising my arms- i love this stuff soooo much- its made me so much more free :) only one slight problem is finding a aluminum free deodorant that works n doesn't stink cuz I have tried two products so far n haven't liked the result- sweat free is awesome- smelling like fruit or flowers would be nice too -
  • Gail Cooke - ENDEARING, SURPRISING, REFRESHINGf you have yet to meet Precious Ramotswe - treat yourself. As I said of her in a review of the first novel in Smith's series, she is "Of traditional build and generous heart, she's the indefatigable, irresistible proprietress of Botswana's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency."

    For this reader it was love at first page of Smith's initial offering and my enthusiasm for this endearing, surprising character hasn't wavered. Her story is as fresh and new with this, the eighth in the series, as it was in the first. By now many have become familiar with the characters and eagerly look forward to their latest adventures. I count myself among those readers.

    With The Good Husband of Zebra Drive several of our favorites find themselves facing momentous decisions just as Precious is presented with a confounding mystery by a doctor who has seen patients die in the same bed at the same time of day at Mochudi's hospital. Mma Makutsi may leave the Agency (Heaven forbid as I'll always remember her undulations of pleasure to say nothing of her perfect typing). And, there is a straying husband.

    As always Precious's life is filled with conundrums and challenges which she faces with wit and wisdom. Pages of The Good Husband of Zebra Drive flew by far too rapidly and I eagerly await a return visit to beautiful Botswana.

    Highly recommended.

    - Gail Cooke
  • vanda marlow - uplifting, unusual and radically honest storyPing Fu's story is unique, and mind-blowing (I won't repeat the book jacket or others' reviews, but suffice to say you will be gripped by every twist and turn) but what makes this book exceptional is the lyricism and insight of Mei Mei Fox's writing. She gets to the heart of Ping Fu's inner world and delicately shows us the making of a life. She delineates how this remarkable woman continued to choose to cultivate her humanity in the face of situations that would have sent many of us into the depths of cynicism and despair. It is a book that would have been hard to write (or read) as a self-authored memoir perhaps, but with the heartfelt listening of MeiMei's tender questions and robust writing, together they have created a meditation of optimism and humanity. Thank you!
  • Heather "Book Lover" - Comparable to Steve Coll's "Ghost Wars"...it's that good!I'm only on page 54 of "Dirty Wars" so far and I'm completely hooked. It's kind of hard for me to put the book down, there's so much information in it. This book kind of reminds me of Steve Coll's "Ghost Wars..", it's that good. I recently got the opportunity to attend a speaking engagement where the author, Scahill, was talking about the book. He's a great speaker and wonderful to listen to. I'm recommending this book to friends and family. If you happen to be one of those people like myself who are interested in what the U.S. is doing in other countries that we never hear about, this book is for you.