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  • sugar15 - A fine RomanceHaving followed Susan's journey to England through her blog,it is wonderful to be able to once again enjoy her writings, pictures, and drawings. It is as though your BFF shared her diary with you ... actually it is what she has done with this book. Love Susan Branch ... she makes you feel at home :-)
  • Ann B. Keller "Ann B. Keller" - Fabulously ImprobableThis is the story of the dazzling young starlet, Dee Moray, whose unfortunate encounter with Richard Burton leaves her forever changed. At first, they explain that Dee is apparently dying of cancer and she escapes to the remote Italian village of Porto Vergogna for the duration of her illness. There, the kindness of Pasquale Tursi, the innkeeper, impresses the young American woman and a strange friendship begins to blossom.

    A visiting doctor suspects the truth about Dee's strange "illness," but Dee has already been changed by her brief stay in the vintage hotel. Here, life and death seem poised on the brink of a precipice, where virtue and kindness are weighed against gluttony and avarice.

    The ending is interesting and thought provoking. Intense introspection is the crowning achievement of this rare novel. Read it - and be forever changed.
  • TabbyCat - Don't under-estimate the power of the wolves...I bought this shirt to workout in..The day it came in the mail, I was fighting a cold but decided to go to the gym anyway to wear my new shirt. I was on the exercise bike alone and the next thing I knew I was surrounded my guys jumping on the equipment next to me. (what dude rides a bike at the gym) I continued my workout but started to feel strange so I left the gym. I don't know if it was the shirt or the flu but I woke up hours later in the woods under a full moon! Can you run with the pack?
  • Nicholas R Annen - Product reviewThis book is a really great manual for anyone wanting to learn more about quickbooks 2013. When you actually get onto Quickbooks 2013 many of what is in this book starts to make more sense. You can only learn so much from a book, but I will say that this books certainly makes learning Quickbooks 2013 easier.
  • Ballentine - I lost my virginity in this shirtWhen I was 15 I put on this shirt and went over to a girl's house. I'd borrowed "october rust" by type o negative from her and needed to return it. She thanked me for returning her cd and upon seeing my shirt she invited me inside and told me what a cool shirt it was. We sat down and started watching the film "Fargo". As soon as the cop bought it in the film I noticed her giving me the eye. She asked me to come in her room and then she threw me down on the bed and we did it. After it was all over, while I was laying there thinking about guns and other women she looked at me and said "I don't know what came over me, that shirt just makes me so wet."

    I probably would have kept seeing her but my new found magical powers that this shirt has bestowed upon me led me to become a sex fiend. 38 women later, I still have that shirt and I wear it every time. It is great birth control and I even wear it at work to give me confidence.

    I hope I never lose this shirt. Glad it can't be destroyed.