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  • Jkm067 - Only book you'll needThe title says it all. I used to buy other guidebooks but all the info I needed was in this one. This is our 5th trip to Europe on a driving tour. Rick Steve's book stays in the backpack and is totally worn out by the time we are finished. His guides through museums, churches, towns and areas are terrific. His restaurants and hotel suggestions are spot on. The only negative is that he has become so popular places are becomming crowded. Use his book, do a little work on the computer and you'll have a terrific time
  • BJ - Worth every cent!Several years ago I had a bout of alternating BV and yeast infections, all due to pH imbalance. It took me almost a year of different meds from the doctor to get back in balance. A few months ago when I started having issues again, I knew I did not want to go through months of misery so I did some research and came across these. Within a few days everything was back to normal and I've had no issues since! A small price to pay to make sure everything is healthy and happy!

    UPDATE 06/03/13:

    I have found it does not pay to try a cheaper alternative. Things were going well, but I didn't want to stop taking something completely in case it came back, so I switched to a much cheaper homeopathic brand that also was in a "probiotic base". What a mistake!!! I'm right back where I started 6 months ago! So now I have to undergo treatment, and you can bet I'm switching right back to this. I would much rather spend money to prevent than to suffer and try to cure.
  • Happy Mom - Baby Loves It!!!My three month loves this. I wanted the overhead toys so that he can look at something while he is laying on the floor- that way he doesn't have to stare at the white ceiling. He is still too small to sit-up but he loves to kick the piano even with the music off. His favorite thing is the mirror. He loves to look and smile at himself. This is very easy to move and store- very lightweight.